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On July 2, 2011 – The Israel-Firster Jewish talk-sow host, author and blogger, Dennis Prager posted an article entitled ‘Can Islam Be Reformed?‘.

Interestingly, the Islam-hater, who in his book ‘Why the Jew? The Reason for Antisemitism‘ claimed that Jews have been the object of the most enduring and universal hatred in history and Hitler considered murdering Jews more important than winning World War II. Anyone, who have read the Jewish history from objective source like late Israeli professor Israel Shahak did – will know that Dennis is lying from both side of his mouth. The fact is that the Jews were despised by western Christians for Jewish arrogance, greed and racism toward non-Jews (one just have to study Jewish Holy Book Talmud to find out the truth). Hitler did not hate Jews due to their religion but because it were American Jewish organizations who had declared war on Germany in 1933. Hitler had 150,000 German Jews in Nazi army. Hennecke Kardel in his book have called Hitler being Founder of Israel. The so-called ‘anti-Semitism’ is a tool applied by Zionists to shut-up criticism of the Zionist entity. In fact, most of Zionist leaders have been more Anti-Semitic than both the OT and NT put together.

After clearing-up Dennis Prager’s ‘expertise’ on Islam and the Middle East – let me deal with his historic lies to explain why Islam doesn’t need reformation as Judaism and Christianity do.

1. “Majority-Muslim and Islam-based countries are not, and have not been, free societies. According to the 2010 Freedom House..,”.

Now, only some idiot would not know that the Freedom House is funded by US government, Jewish billionaire George Soro and several other Zionist organizations. The think tank is run by Zionist Jews and former CIA and US administration officials such as David J. Kramer with pro-Israel agenda. Too bad, Muslims don’t spit on priests or burn copies of Christian Bible (NT) as is quite common in Israel.

“Muslim treatment of Jews and Christians in places like medieval Spain was morally far superior to the treatment of non-Christians by European Christians during the same period. But in the modern period, nowhere that Islam has controlled has afforded non-Muslims anywhere near the equality that non-Christians have taken for granted in the Christian world,” wrote Dennis.

Another case of self-denial. While Christians have lead governments and armies in Muslim-majority countries, such as, Indonesia, Lebanon, Nigeria and Bosnia – no Christian-majority country has Muslim leader of government or army. However, the western countries which expelled Jewish communities in the past – are in fact ruled directly or indirectly by Jews or Israel-Firsters (the US, UK, Germancy, France, Australia, Denmark, etc.).

“According to a United Nations report written by Arab scholars, the Arab world’s lack of interest in the non-Arab and non-Muslim worlds is so great that in any given year comparatively tiny Greece translates more books into Greek than all the Arab countries combined translate into Arabic,” wrote Dennis.

I really like Dennis to tell us how many Arabic or for that matter Greek books have been translated into Hebrew by Israelis?

“Regarding women, one cannot name a culture or religion in which the status of women is as low as it is in many Muslim societies,” whined Dennis.

Well, in some cases, I do agree with Dennis that standard of women is very low according to his Jewish brought-up. For example, Amnesty International has never accused a single Muslim-majority country selling 5000 White Christian women into sex-slavery each year – as AI accuses Israel each year. US-based Family Research Council in its recent report has claimed that 100,000 American children each year are victimized by sex traffickers. I bet every Muslim country would like to beat the US record! Furthermore, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Turkey has been ruled by elected women president or prime ministers. May be Dennis would like to tell us why the US, France, Russia and Australia never elected a woman head of Executive branch?

“In nearly every Muslim country in which non-Muslims live (usually Christians) – from Nigeria to Egypt to Iraq – they suffer persecution, claimed Dennis.

Really! Pakistan, Iran, Sudan, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Indonesia, Dubai, Nigeria, etc. all have Christians MPs and even cabinet ministers. Iraq under Saddam Hussein has six Christian cabinet ministers including Vice-president Tariq Aziz.

“A very small percentage of Muslims are terrorists. But nearly every international terrorist is Muslim. And according to every poll I have seen, at least 70 million of the world’s more than a billion Muslims support Islamist actions and theology,” wrote Dennis.

Calm down paranoid Zionazi Jew. In fact, Pew survey (2010) showed that 70-85% Muslim population wants Islamic Shri’ah rule to some extent. Now, if one counts terrorists based on world population among different religions - there are far more terrorists among the 13.7 million Jews than 1.7 billion Muslims or 1.5 billion Christians or 980 million Hindus. The Zionist Jews have a very long list of terrorism including the establishment of Israel, assassination of JFK, attacks on USS Liberty and USS Cole, 9/11, 7/7, Madrid train bombing, Bali bombing, Synagogue bombing in Turkey and Argentina and church bombing in Egypt and Iraq – and the latest Norway terror.

The Islamic tolerance of Dennis’ medieval Spain, can still be found in Muslim-majority countries, such as, Albania, Iran, Morocco, Azerbaijan, Tunisia and Bahrain which had a Jewish woman, Houda Nonoo as Sheikhdom’s ambassador to United States in 2008.

Israeli citizen, Norman Gershman, founder of BESA: A Code of Honor, wrote: ”To me Islam is poetry. is science, is to be with the Divine. Islam is beauty“.

YES: Islam doesn