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Hamas’ acceptence to let Fatah chairman, Mahmoud Abbas, lead the Palestinian Authority (PA) interim unity government is a victory for Israel. Not only that Abbas is a wellknown USraeli ‘double agent‘, the so-called ‘Doha Declaration’ was given birth by no other than Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, Qatar’s emir. He is leading the Arab Government Counter Country (GCC) revolution against the emerging anti-USrael political power. Al Thani funded anti-Qaddafi murderers in the destruction of Africa’s richest and most liberal country. Now, he is funding anti-Assad armed thugs in Syria – and threatening Lebanese Islamic resistance Hizbullah and Islamic Republic of Iran.

According to the declaration, Mahmoud Abbas, as the new ‘un-elected’ prime minister of Gaza and the West Bank, will appoint a cabinet of “independent technocrats” (aka westernized secularist Muslim and non-Muslim corrupt ‘Arab intelectuals’) which will be responsible for holding a general election in both Gaza and the West Bank acceptable to USrael and its Arab League stooges.

The signing of the Doha Declaration by Hamas’ political leader Khaled Meshaal has started the begining of the end of Palestinians hopes to recover their ancestral land stolen from them by European Jews. This reality was reaffirmed by the European Union’s approval of the Doha Declaration. “EU looks forward to continuing its (financial) support, provided the new Palestinian government is committed to nonviolence, recognize Israel and support a negotiated solution to the Mideast conflict,” said Michael Mann, a spokeperson for EU foreign policy chief Israel-Firster Catherine Ashton.

Hamas constitution doesn’t recognize the Jewish occupation of historic Palestine.

The other warning came from Israel’s hawkish prime minister Benji Netanyahu. “It’s either peace with Hamas or peace with Hamas. You can’t have them both,” he said in Tel Aviv.

Washington’s reaction to the agreement is insignificat – as it cannot be different than what Benji Netanyahu said.

No date for the new elections has been set. Mahmoud Abbas mandate as President of PA expired in January 2009. Since then he has been holding that position with the support of the US and EU. Abbas initially had nominated his non-elected prime minister Salam Fayyad to head the new unity government, but Hamas objected.

Both parties are scheduled to meet again in Cairo in the near future to hammer out some other details. Last year, Hamas and Fatah have reached a reconcilation pact but it fell apart under western pressure as the US and EU refused to deal with a Hamas-lead unity government.

As a goodwil gesture, Hamas has pledged to return Mahmoud Abbas’ ‘presidential palace’ in Gaza city which was seized by Hamas fighters in 2007 – when Fatah fighters tried to oust Hamas elected government by force.

This new ‘deal’ could sabotage Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniyeh’s coming visit to Tehran to meet Dr. Ahmadinejad. Iran is the only country among 57 Muslim nation-states which openly supports Hamas and Islamic Jihad resistance groups financially and morally. There are rumors floated by the anti-Hamas media that Khaled Meshaal might be resigning as political leader of Hamas in the near future as result of western-funded anti-Assad revolt in Syria. Khaled Meshaal has been living in exile in Damascus since Mossad’s failed assassination plot on him on September 25, 1997.

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