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Sunday, March 8, 2009

James Bartley, February 17, 2009

This story is called "common sense" and that I wear to Thomas Paine when he tried the facts of life to explain to the colonists before the Revolution.

There is this story a rebuttal of the story that Dr. Richard Boylan said a female kidnapping victim in a letter in the forum. Boylans story was a classic example of propaganda reptilian and a pathological attempt to injustice to talk to an innocent person is affected.

My name is James Bartley and I am a colleague of Barbara Bartholic from Tulsa Oklahoma. Barbara is the most far-reaching Reptiles researcher on the planet. There is nobody on this planet who knows more about Alien Abductions than Mrs. Bartholic. It has more than seven hundred experienced people worked in the past twenty years. I also works closely with Eve Frances Lorgen from San Diego, California which is also a protégé of Ms. Bartholic. I am a kidnap victim and speaking from the standpoint of Wisdom, which knowledge is acquired through experience. I am not interested in endless discussions and speculations.

It is about spiritual warfare.

I have the maturity to recognize that we are involved in a spiritual war on a cosmic scale multi-dimensional. The reader should just bear in mind that the first line of defense for the dark gods of the so-called UFO community itself. There is nothing simpler than the activation of the ego of the so-called UFO researcher. It has long been a normal part of their operation. Richard Boylan, Steven Greer and the rest of the Muppet Show are classic examples of manipulated and programmed Muppets whose ego is activated and sent into the world to their will and the "experienced people" to express that still seeking confirmation the approval of others.

Boylan used his usual canned reply in his absurd letter. Namely: 1) the ridiculous comment that the woman actually had experience of spiritual and mental decline was not able to show understanding for the "good-minded" nature of the terrible and unintended experiments were performed on her.

Witnesses of the Lies of the Extraterrestrials.

At this time, Barbie and I to work with a woman literally its nerve tissue harvested by the aliens. They replaced her with alien nerve endings nerve endings and cramming her full of chemicals to the growth of these alien nerve ends to promote.

This woman is highly qualified to understand what is happening with her. It is an electron microscope specialist and has ten years working on tissue cultures and skin research. She has 23 years in cancer research.

This woman is in constant pain and has several times considered suicide. What happened to her has absolutely nothing to do with spiritual evolution.

We have also worked with countless women have suffered painful bleeding, sometimes days, after the "good-minded ET" unsolicited home doctors did. What would be a worried man to ask, have painful severe bleeding with "spiritual evolution" to make. What Boylan reason for all nations to use all this good talk gives the reader a great opportunity for the language of an intruder there.

Give the people in the military industry but the fault of all.

The second excuse what Boylan used to everything but sliding on the People in the Military Industry. This is one of the most common excuses that the dark side for us to mislead.

One of the main parts of the Reptiles Agenda has always been to blame the people to throw it as apparent messages boys in this world. I say "apparent" because many of the "Illuminati" of the human race actually very senior Masters are very adept at the Black Arts.

See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil.

The New Age followers claim that there is no such thing as Evil or Demonic, and that makes this New Age followers the source of endless laughter parties witches and Satan-worshipers in the world because they derive their strength in these demonic entities. A Master by the power of the darkness calls and working with poorly-meaning non-human entities are generally more aware of the paranormal and in particular on the most studied UFOs UFO scientist will ever know.

The Debt Game improves Human Conflict.

By constant military and global industrialization to blame, conditioning the reptilian propagandists the notion that all human institutions are bad and that the only hope we have left to the next level of consciousness, evolution or vibration to achieve to the sky to look at all the dark gods who are responsible for their present state of spiritual addiction.

It does not matter that for the most part these globalists and Militarist part of the same old fraternities that patriarchal worship snake gods and in many cases self-Host for Reptiles entities. (We know that there are people who reptiles in these hosts are actually able to see whether on television or in person. Some of these reptiles entity shape changers "smell" because they do not smell the same as ordinary people. I can be negative reptiles energy to feel like it in my vicinity and I can tell you that Boylan a disturbing abuse and nauseating reptiles energy in large abundance in him)

Reptiles in Human Beings Hosts are.

These hosts and their fellow travelers operate here on Earth as the Fifth Column to the road to prepare for the return of the Dark Gods Reptiles. The so-called UFO researchers are flooded with this kind of "Muppets". Even I have to laugh at the irony of it: Literally hosts reptiles entities organized kidnapping victim groups, give lectures on so-called "UFO conferences and speak on the Art Bell show. This is due to the long-term genetic and soul matrix manipulation of the human race.

At a recent conference in San Diego was a kidnapping victim "live" on stage in regression brought. When her memory of a friendly meeting with ETS in its youth to a frightening encounter with a reptile with large claws on their hands, asked Boylan after the regression or the sound of helicopters "had heard of the meeting.

The implication of his question is clear to anyone who can still think: It was not malicious ETS women abducted, they were "soldiers in their helicopters.

First of all, I have no defense against brainwashed in military security might cloned humans. (They exist. Just ask the survivors of Hurricane Andrew, with its terrible destruction) It is questionable whether the latter even have souls as we understand that.

Introducing the pristine clean saccate astral entities.

Another irony about that conference was that the person at the information desk was also a host for Reptiles entity. This special entity is ordered by her "Spirit leaders" regularly in the year to visit Sedona in Arizona to participate in "rebirth exercises.

During one of these exercises was seen by several witnesses that reptiles entities abdominal area of the host and go out while it hosted and hissed as if he / she is in a state of possession is. Host is kept reptiles for new entities and this is regularly done. The hosts had all the facial features and physical characteristics that indicate that he / she is a reptile hybrid (cross), but for the unsuspecting participant seems just a little crazy New Age freak.

This entity has a number of support groups assisted in the southwest and has a trail of psychological and physical broken "newagers" left behind for many years. (There are bad effects of the stay in the vicinity of a reptile host for a long time. Reptiles entities, these "bags" is trying through holes in our light body and will eventually attack the inside as we too long in their area.

The Occult Connection

It may seem contradictory that Sedona Arizona in a "New Age Mecca" while at the same time a major hub of activity is Satanist. This includes places like Salt Lake City. (Black magicians who exit have been told). There is also a large underground reptiles underpins Boynton Canyon, where a lot of work done by ETS in collaboration with their friends because people army this whole area a dimensional vortex, and this explains why so many Satanist Ritual activity there. There is a FUNDAMENTAL CONNECTION BETWEEN THE Occultism AND THE UFO phenomenon. AND SO DOES THE POINT.

Now back to the globalists and Industrialists. Brainwashed people are not the problem and anyone who is mature enough to understand that. And I speak as an authority in the field because I "of the way I drove by them, am dosed with all kinds of injections, drugged with powerful drugs and so on and so on. My anger is not against human servants of the dark gods. My anger is against the dark gods themselves. I am not interested in the third team.

Each time newagers accept indiscriminate what it said is against them. Whether they deal with military men in "see", they automatically take that wherever they look at people while in some cases there is evidence that the shape-switching using his reptiles. In contrast to the normal world, sensitive information is not limited to levels of classification for who should know, but rather to levels of consciousness.

Everything needed for a security officer is brainwashed his muscles to use when needed. It has not the luxury of an independent-minded spirit. It is a tragic error of newagers to believe that the "Soldiers" are responsible and the service included in the underground bases. Then you would think that the people in charge and that the interaction between human / non-humans is a relatively new phenomenon, but that is absolutely not true. The interaction between humans and non-human intelligence has an occult basis and has been since thousands and even millions of years.

Who benefits from this New Social Movement?

The distinguishing and seams kidnapping victim knew the question: Who benefits from victims to believe that all negative on UFOs to do with the military? Who? Of course our "good-intentioned ETS" At this point, the victim will laugh and ask: "Why hate Boylan and Greer and the rest of the Muppet Show the human race so much? (Greer says that people who consider themselves" newagers "as an inferiority complex and find it very unfortunate for them). Or more specifically, why are these Muppets humanity and in particular victims fear for the military? Again, who benefits from that? Indeed ...

Apocalyptic disaster scenes

Another false allegation that the protectors of the reptiles to repeat is "How the human race is responsible for the destruction of the ecology and environment of this planet." It is common that peoples terrible scenes to see climate and ecological catastrophes in holographic images or other virtual reality scenarios and sometimes penetrating the victim out in tears.

An open question to anyone who has had this kind of experience or understand: Why try to trick this ecological debt to you? Were you responsible for the crash of the Exxon Valdez in Alaska that millions of barrels of crude oil lost in the ocean? Were you responsible for the stabbing of fire all the oil platforms in Kuwait or the flow of all oil in the Persian Gulf? Why are you now that this kind of psychological war against you shall be fed to the point that you start a crusade against humanity for "our collective misconduct on the planet" instead of against aliens who are experts in climate weapons! (By David Icke describes in "And the truth will set you free" in great detail that the oil fires in Kuwait were planned from the beginning. So, our leaders with the environment ---- Red.)

In the espionage world, is a "sib" a carefully sown rumor designed to morale and the will of the enemy to undermine. An example from the second world war: "PME poured rumors around between German soldiers on the Russian front that the German doctors were planning Jewish blood during surgery and blood transfusions by German soldiers because of the shortage of donor blood. You can imagine what effect which was the German soldiers who were raised with the myth of the Aryan Superras. Just as another rumor deliberately spread between what the German soldiers at the front, that the Jews were responsible for the spread of the scourge (black plague) in some German cities.

And please see what the real researchers as the deceased Karla Turner constant was achieved by the mud and being attacked by types Boylan and his Muppet show. Question: What was in the examination of Karla Turner that the Muppets so threatening that they were endless streams of insults to send? Could it possibly be that aspects of this phenomenon are so terrible that the Muppets of the world prefer that you walk into the metaphysical and spiritual aspects of this experience ---- than knowledge about the cold hard reality ? What's so common to this kind of Muppet propaganda is that they continuously stress that everything happens to people good for their spiritual evolution and for the good of humanity in general.

It is clear from the examples above that the British war machine and its political offspring --- the American Institute of War Information (OWI) the sensitivities of the German troops on the front not spared ---- and indeed the absurd ideas of the Nazis about Aryan superiority were significant to the exploitation. They tried in this way the combat capacity of the enemy through his moral breaking.

Do you remember what Philip Kramft said in his book "Contact has begun"? He said "The Greens" (Why not just call themselves the Green Party?) Said they perfect control over the weather and that they had the gravity field of any planet they were perfectly able to manipulate the conditions to make for themselves comfortable. It is called "Terra Forming" and Air Weapons. I myself once saw a UFO is hiding in a cloud formation, and I have also seen that cloud formations to create out of nothing, and that was a very special face, I can tell you.

Psychological warfare slicing

The most important: Do not allow this whole basic psychological warfare and propaganda methods work for you, the innocent kidnap victims, or "light worker" or what names they use for people who are injected, where it is tested, that sexual abuse etc. by extraterrestrial intelligences.

Please also take the time to study military history, the special intelligence / counter-espionage and security, and remember how they have evolved since the second world war.

Some of the methods used by the reptiles propagandists like Boylan and Greer are so simple that even the most self-respecting intelligence officer in World War II were not used.

Make sure to get the "double cross system" which captured German agents were brainwashed by the British MI5 and then for them to work and they were full of misleading information sent back to their Nazi masters. (And yes, you know that Adolf Hitler had connections with the dark gods that their evil games played by him? Most people today believe that Adolf Hitler was the source of the Nazi Regime, and believe that he dark forces was inspired and driven. His childhood full of abuse is a classic example of how someone from the dark forces inside and eat occupy. Primitive and perverse characteristics are a sign of manipulation by demons and if a person was Adolf Hitler.

Read just about the super secret "London Controlling Section, which was responsible for the decoding of all" Ultra "information (obtained by the decoding of secret messages in code of the enemy) and was responsible for all the distraction and deception operations that do with that information. As Winston Churchill once said: "In war the truth must be protected by a bodyguard of lies."

An understanding of known espionage equipment is essential for this mess to understand before you will deal with investigations into the more hidden world where only things you should know it, and where "security levels" will no longer matter. As I said earlier, the deep black reptiles controlled by underground world knowledge is limited to levels of consciousness and there is always a price to be paid to a higher level. There is no such thing as a free lunch, at least not on this planet. If you want to inform you what the cost and most are not willing to pay that price.

Conditioned and programmed responses in kidnapping victims.

The reason why so many victims in hopelessly confused on this issue because all responses are programmed in them to prevent them to discover the truth about their experiences. I have seen many times that a victim immediately fell asleep at the time the presenter on stage begins to talk about "frightened", but as if someone attends a reading of a channeller or other kind of light worker, the victim completely clear and then the whole reading problems continue.

Falling asleep is just another programmed response. Another is irritation or anger against the "anxiety producing" presenter or kidnapping victim. Like a huge urge to have to stand and walk away, what to eat, or a cigarette to smoke, or too stuffy, or headache to get, and so on ...

I've known people who were absolutely unable to "read scary" book to read but a reptile disinformation book in a few hours to devour. What is going on? I've seen people listen to their spirit guides them continuous exodus of the so-called fear-generating research information that they fear an attack is likely to deliver. Why do you think that is? Could it be that the so-called spirit guides are the same as the kidnappers?

In the arena as the 'Victims support group "is upgraded this hostility manifest itself directly between the programmed and manipulated new-agers. Once "fear inceptive affairs as painful back problems (which many of these victims are mainly women) or other matters as the range of gynecological problems or immune problems to overcome than they are written off as backward spiritual anxiety causes. And even worse, those with these topics will be determined for spiritually underdeveloped disinformation disseminater. The cold, hard truth is that most UFO researchers and victims even not worth to be spied. For the manipulated and programmed minds seems everyone has a government agent. If that was true there would be no one left not to spy. The painful truth is that some of these researchers and victims have their phones tapped and their mail open because no one else in their environment but also to become paranoid.

Look at this scenario: An intelligence officer says to his general: "General, it seems as if the enemy is massively collect our front. We have seen some parts that just arrived from other areas. The wireless communication of the enemy suddenly all stopped and all signals indicate a direct attack in our sector. " How do you think this General responds to this report? "Why are you so you fear? Why you pull that negativity towards you? Bla bla bla, Kwaak Kwaak ...."

Can you now understand why I have so little patience with this kind of immaturity?

The New-agers use a continuous mix of metaphysical attitudes towards the whole ET phenomenon and are often irritated about these stories of abduction victims who are themselves mature and sensible about the whole ET issue. And all the froth and howling of these New-agers is always in the name of "Love and Light." Of course.

Other programmed behavior is frequent, such as self-destructive behavior as abuse, abuse using relations (many females had at least one or more dominant and disturbing abuse of men in their lives for a long time). (It's never come up with their abusers that they themselves were manipulated) and the list just goes on and on and some of you "researchers" are still around with a metal spoon in their pockets hoping for a CE2 sample to be taken for analysis. You continue to stay long in cold windy mountain tops are waiting until you see a UFO flying over. GROWTH OP.

Ego activation by the dark side

And again for clarity: This is not about an alien phenomenon, it is a human phenomenon because it happens in humans. Logic, as Mr. Spock mentions it. And if you wish to become part of this drama, please, please do not allow the aliens your ego go. This is the simplest of all. A few meaningless telepathic cal broadcasts, a few UFOs that fly long, a few important synchronicity "and your ego is enabled and you change one another Muppet. I call this type of events "goocheltrucs. I am not interested in goocheltrucs. The same happens with warlocks and witches. The first spell of magic trick works and they think that they are responsible for while it is in fact a demon or familiar spirit that manipulates them .. their so-called "merchant". (Merchant is the term I use for the abduction syndrome because it is most appropriate.)

The real message of the Boylans, Greer and other Muppets is "Keep your not concerned with the facts." "If you do not believe what I believe you are a spiritual moron and probably a government agent." And again, this is all told in the name of "Love and Light."

Where we are is a spiritual war and I still say this until you are completely crazy to me. Everything should already be in the unseen areas manifest before manifesting in the visible spectrum, and in the spiritual before the physical manifest. Look around you: The symbology of reptile domination is everywhere around you. The thought of reptiles in the mass media constantly hammering at you. The mass media carry on with your crude and vulgar behavior in the news, in film and throughout the entertainment industry ... crude and vulgar as the standard in our society today. The roughness and vulgar that promoted is symptomatic of a society affected by reptiles. People are so accustomed to the lies that they are likely to have allergic reactions if they once with the truth in touch!

The Original Hoses seeds.

The reptiles seek to obscure the seed tube to activate what we are all programmed. The fight is inside us. The opposite polarities of Good and Evil battle between us to their attributes and behavior to promote. One side wants us to corrupt inside. The other side wants to liberate us from this spiritual prison. Ultimately comes down to your own spiritual choice. I do not like talking about "free will" because I am a kidnap victim, and know that I am being manipulated and programmed and that it is a constant battle for all this shit to lose ... but the ultimate victory sweeter taste. I believe firmly in the sanctity of the human spirit and I believe that our destination as a whole variety Adelheid reach. If we were left alone than we had that level of greatness long ago, but unfortunately that is not the case.

Take the time to book to read Frederick Douglass, the ex-war ex-slave that the classic autobiography "My captivity, My Freedom" wrote.

This is not a popularity contest.

I do not know what the academic community because they know not qualified to me trying to tell. Everything I learned from my own experience and study led by Barbara Bartholic from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I do this not for fame or popularity or ego, which is unfortunately the norm in the UFO research community. Probably most of you have never heard of me. All I ever wanted was respect for people I respect and love me. People like Barbara Bartholic and Eve Lorgen. I find no confirmation from others and give nothing to popularity.

"War is about war .... it is not a popularity contest." General William Tecumseh Sherman

I can not say enough about Barbie and Evie. They have things made by a less people would have been crazy. They are the true spiritual warriors in every sense of the word.

Spiritual warfare, ladies and gentlemen ... that is what it is all about. Would some of you peace doves are left, then people here on the West Coast already speak Japanese, would those on the East Coast to speak German and we would need passports to visit the southern states of Confederation to go where slavery would still exist. Some people fight away all programmed. You will continue to "investigate" until the big reptiles in the air war begins and the people together alone.

It's the old story: "If you're not for something, then you fall for everything." Words to live. And if you prefer to a New Ages, and your children have passed and you just their concerns, then you are in my view a very bad parent. If people knew what kind of conditioning and programming all done to children by the aliens, then the spirit of people directly short-circuit, and would immediately be crazy, to say the least.

May God give us the victory.

James Bartley
San Diego
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