Congress on Christian views on UFO's
Friday, March 13, 2009

A Christian organization that has years of study, as it describes itself, "biblical views on UFO's" organizes this year a major conference on the question of 'aliens' are fallen angels. Speakers include pastors of evangelical communities.

Many evangelical Christians, there is a certain embarrassment about the subject, says Guy Malone (photo), founder of Alien Resistance, an organization he created, together with other Christians, to investigate whether the Bible about UFO 's speaks and how Christians use it to go. According to Malone know most Christians to do with the matter and do them just like it does not exist. "A little laughter over done".

UFO's - Unidentified Flying Objects, unidentified flying objects - are regularly reported. Not only by people "who see them fly, but also by people who still more or less can be expected that they do not seek sensation and a professional outlook on things, such as pilots.

How should Christians deal with such matters? His occult manifestations where Satan behind it? Are the chimera of innocent people? The fact is there is a growing group of Christians who are interested in starting these things and also said to have been in contact.

Time for a conference, believes Malone. It wants to present an overview of Christian views on the matter. Self Malone thinks that "aliens" are fallen angels, in a rebellion in heaven chose the side of Satan. Their 'appearance' on earth would aim to earth people confuse them. "The Bible contains relevant information about UFO's and aliens. But most Christians have gen know of. It is in the churches never talked about. It seems like a big taboo subjects, "says Malone.

Malone sees himself as a missionary. He moved to the town of Roswell, New Mexico, where in 1947 an alien spacecraft would be crashed and some remains of alien creatures have been found. The stories are about as exciting to read conspiracy theories. They did have the effect of Roswell UFO supporters for a kind of 'holy place' has become, where people gather and discuss various issues surrounding UFO's.

Malone is one of them? "Certainly not," he says. "I am New Age-gen trailer. Dar choking it here. I am in Roswell to live here just because I can reach the people who deal with these things. I reject most of their theories on. But I believe that UFO's exist and that there are aliens who visit Earth now and then, I believe that fallen angels are. But I also know that we are not afraid of them need to be. We are redeemed by Jesus Christ. That is the message I get the people in Roswell and other markets. "

The congestion, on 4 and 5 July in America, held a number of speakers do it. Among them Marzullio Lynn, author of several books about the 'Nephilim' issued by the Christian publisher Zondervan, including the "Nephilim Trilogy".

Michael S. Heiser is a professor and teaches Semitic languages the Madison University in Wisconsin. He cooperated with the Logos Bible translation and wrote books on the biblical background of UFO appearances, which he called "occult manifestations' see.

William Alnor is publicist. He wrote books about the second coming of Christ, but also on the increase in UFO reports in the New Age time. He is a researcher at the A & M University in Texas. He is ahead of the Calvary Chapel Living Waters, an evangelical community in Allentown, Pennsylvania. He had been director of Evangelical Ministries to New Religions "and contributes to the Christian Research Journal, which he publishes on cults.

Chris Ward, author of "Ministry to the UFO Community: One Pastor's Story 'is senior pastor of Logos Christian Fellowship and taught in the Golden State School of Theology. He leads with a few others a pastoral ministry to people who say with UFO's have been in contact and therefore have psychological problems.

Source: manna-today