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Biometric works by resonance and by transformation of (subtle) energy. This is achieved by means of forms, which are currently experimentally used in health care, architecture and agriculture. The intention is that these forms to promote health, healing and neutralize harmful energy fields. The science of biometric was developed by the Egyptian architect Dr. Karim Ibrahim, who uses the Egyptian radiotherapy. The vibration levels and qualities of the biometric forms measured with a shuttle over a scale. How would the operation of biometric are theoretically able to support? In the larger context fits the resonance biometric? This you can read in the following article which describes how to vibrations in the Earth and all living cells resonate (measurement ridges), how all the vibrations in harmony may be and what role it can play biometric.

by Dr. Saskia Bosman

In both the alternative medicine and science is becoming increasingly clear that every living cell on Earth, an electric and magnetic or electromagnetic energy around them, that vibrates. (1) This shake is very obvious in the human EEG or electroencephalograph. This is a recording of "brain waves, electrical activity of the human brain. It comes in various frequency bands between 0 and 30 Hz (ie the number of Hertz or vibrations per second). The band that is associated with relaxation is the alpha band, from 7 to 13 Hz. Most people have this as soon as they close their eyes and physically and mentally relaxed.

Robert Becker (2) describes that the frequency spectrum of an EEG (rich in alpha waves) and two drops of water on the frequency spectrum of the micropulsaties of the Earth's magnetic field, which we know as the Schumann resonance. The Schumann resonance is the vibration of an electromagnetic field between the earth's surface and the bottom of the ionosphere, the upper air. The main and basic frequency of the Schumann resonance is 7.8 Hz. The agreement with the Schumann frequency spectrum is also true for the EEC of all living organisms that have brains. I suspect that even the basic spectrum of electromagnetic vibrations of all living cells on Earth, including plants. In the brains, the alpha waves probably the depth, the brain stem, which is in line with our spinal cord and that the two halves of the big brains, small brains, pituitary and pineal gland (epifyse) attached.


(Photo: Electromagnetic waves are like light from an electric (red) and magnetic (blue) component.)

Becker suspect animal and human structures in the brains, the small magnetite crystals, including the pineal gland involved in matching the brains of the basic Schumann frequency. How plants, bacteria and fungi do (if they do) I do not know. The electromagnetic field of each living cell will not be affected by the Schumann resonance. This in turn is maintained by the electric discharges in thunderstorms occur worldwide. Thunderstorms have an important role in the emergence of life on Earth. They save the electromagnetic field of the Earth as a string, the Schumann resonance in the strict sense not a resonance, because lightning is not a continuous vibration but if it were any lightning a momentary "thwack" against this field: the salute. The Schumann resonance is the strongest as many thunderstorms in the earth's atmosphere.

The basic Schumann frequency (7.8 Hz) showed small variations, daily and increases to half a Hertz. The American geophysical Gregg Braden believes that this frequency, however, is increasing dramatically. (3) When reading measurements via the Internet, I still can not see, but who knows he (or his colleagues) in a different way measured or even have a different kind of vibration pick-up. (4) we probably will, as the summer approaches, some change in the basic Schumann frequency to see due to solar activity. This shows a 11-year cycle and is now quickly rising to a maximum that is reached next summer. Moreover, the increased solar magnetic storms or disturbances in the magnetic field cause around the Earth. The solar activity cycle, the thickness of the trees vary in astringency and has still more effects on the plant kingdom, the animal and probably also in human behavior.

According to Braden, the basic Schumann frequency, long time a constant value of 7.8 Hz had now arrived at 13 Hz should be, what he sees as resonating with a new dimension or evolution stage where we as a world. This is characterized by a continuous human condition of unconditional, universal love, Unit (in diversity) and Compassion. (3) If Bradens idea is true, it means that all living cells on Earth at this new frequency to adjust.


(Image: Making the medicine wheel is part of a complete ritual for Tara Beltan and Moon of the Wake. It is a tribute to and ratification of all forces of nature around us.)

This self-consciousness is characterized by very specific vibration. This is found in both the EC as the ECG (or EKG, electrocardiogram; electrical activity of the heartbeat) and the magnetic vibrations that can be measured in the ground. Such measurements have been made by Daniel Winter in the U.S.. If someone is relaxing and send love to the Earth through meditation, prayer or making a medicine wheel ritual, are his / her brain waves, heartbeat and magnetic vibrations in the ground on which he / she is, in harmony with each other and go into their frequency spectrum show the golden section ratio, or Phi. Phi is 1.618 ...... and an endless row of numbers behind it (see resonance image). This harmonic oscillation is set to form the magnetic field in the environment, it is very favorable for life, including the vegetation. (5) Curiously enough, the Heart Math Institute in the U.S. discovered that the sending of love in a relaxed state, the DNA (our genetic material) to bring a positive expression, which promotes health. This happens even if people love to send a cell culture in the laboratory. For example: under the influence of love be inhibited cancer cells and healthy cells properly stimulated their multiplication. (6)

The Phi ratio found in the pentagram, the pentagon or five-pointed star (see resonance image, just below the middle) in the plane. Spatial elaborated this a "ball" consisting of twelve five corners, a pentagon dodecahedron. I think this is more a dodecahedron, although still more species. Mathematically the waves have a relationship with the pentagram and the dodecahedron. How can you convert frequencies in forms? This seems complicated, but maybe the science of Cymatica us an answer. This was developed by the Swiss doctor Hans Jenny, who photograph and film has the fluid, bubbles and powders geometric and organic forms can adopt, including the dodecahedron, under the influence of noise and magnetic fields. (7)

The interesting thing is that the dodecahedron at all levels in all sizes can be found. When you dodecahedron consecutive stack, partly in each other, you can along the ribs spiral two lines drawn, called a double helix, which is exactly the geometric shape and proportions of the spiral staircase-shaped DNA molecule, with the sports there, which forms the genetic code ! (see resonance image below to Daniel Winter, improved).


, In and around the Earth energy fields exist, which express as Earth energy lines, which we can compete with twig (see resonance image, top). Actually we measure them by our body, but save it from the twig. These subtle energy fields also express electromagnetic, making them sensitive scientific instruments measurable. There are many earth-energy lines networks. The system depicted here Earth energy lines on the junctions of the power places of the world as the place where the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt stands. The form of this power line network is also based on the dodecahedron. In 1994, discovered that the inner core of the Earth, which consists of solid iron under very high pressure, is a giant crystal. Gregg Braden told me at a conference in the U.S. in 1996, it has form of a dodecahedron.

The English biologist Rupert Sheldrake, the theory of morphogenesis (form-making or form) fields developed. Once a physical, (bio-) chemical, biological or behavioral process for the first time, this creates around the Earth an energy that, from that moment easier, the same process to take place. This reinforces the morphogenesis field, making it even easier, and so on. (8.9) Would this, the dodecahedron-based fields that contain the Phi ratio, including morphogenesis fields, namely of unconditional, universal love?

The operation of biometric forms also can be understood because they, like any form a field around itself and around our whole planet. Biometric, including the bio signature , all geared to the higher harmonic of gold. This is a balancing, spiritual energy. (10) Gold in itself is unique in the cosmos. It is only by stars, which in turn arise from other, exploded stars (supernova's). For example, our sun and its planets, including Earth, arise. The universe is so only in a later, more mature phase of its evolution can produce gold.


The biosignaturen which promote healing and human health are used, often similar to the shape of the body where they are. They are signed on the basis of the various energy flows in that body. Thus we obtain a multi-layered image of the body energy. This makes the biosignatuur contact with the functions of the body and this is a subtle energy level in resonance brought. A biosignatuur not exactly drawn, does not work. On a more modest scale, you can also treat by body shape resonance with the image of the healthy body in an anatomy book. (10)

To my deep-seated, resonate equally with each other, probably through their form fields. That means they vibrate with each other and in harmony with each other. The wave forms of humans and Earth are "nests" form are "recursive" as Daniel Winter calls. Through the resonance with the dodecahedron therefore probably our hearts, our brains, our DNA and Mother Earth in harmony with each other by an energy: unconditional, universal love. This whole story and especially the Cymatica indicates think would be a constant or present a different kind of sound or vibration our DNA, our body, the Earth-discussed energy and perhaps all living cells on Earth formed, or designs that have ? Would this vibration waveform of unconditional, universal love be?

Poolt to the Earth's magnetic field, north is south and vice versa, at intervals of half million to several million years. This reversal is often accompanied by mass extinction of many species of organisms, especially the most developed that there were at that time. The man is now the most developed, is around half million years on Earth around and in all probability, no reversal of the Earth's field experience. Maybe this is through changes in the Schumann frequency, although since 1930 this has not changed dramatically. Robert Becker warns us for the electromagnetic fields that we generate in our modern electronic equipment. They are magnetically seen more than equivalent to a reversal of the Earth's magnetic field. Moreover, this field naturally is already preparing for a reversal: the nature magnetic field is the last 1000 years and recent decades declined. Additionally introduce our devices all frequencies in the atmosphere, far from the Schumann-frequency, and yet our body interact. Known as the electroscopes.2

Perhaps we can develop our technology without having to turn back, our interference fields neutralization using form forces. Several people are already doing as well. Ibrahim Karim in the rapidly developing science of Biometric. (10) It is with geometric and organic forms via resonance and conversion of energy, a positive impact on life forms, including plants. There are experiments going on Agriculture in Egypt (sweet potatoes) and the Netherlands (fruit). He also experimented with forms that radiation from mobile phones and electrical equipment in-house neutralization.


According to Dr. Karim is the major culprit in many radiation produced by negative Earth energy lines (eg above underground water), bad buildings and electrical appliances such as mobile phones, the vertically oscillating component of a radiation component in the radiësthesie "negative green" mentioned. It is easy to harm by, for example on a mobile phone two perpendicular to each other straight lines to which the corner is replaced by one quarter of a circle that goes inside. Try it out on your equipment and your electricity at home! In my experience it is very positive. I radio houses. The detection of bad energy fields, I was always very tired, to Dr. Karim me at a workshop recommended that this symbol to use. Since I tick with a pen on the back of my hand sign to the beginning of a heartstrings, I am totally not tired and I go after the job cheerfully whistling home. Electron Stress in a house I will pitch this symbol.

There is still much research needed on the efficacy of biometric forms. This is currently mainly supported by small radiotherapist and experience. Major medical and agricultural tests are currently underway. When scientific evidence that forms biometric work is very interesting to sensitive scientific equipment to measure energy fields of the forms themselves as living beings such as humans, which they are entering an interaction. I am thinking especially magnetometer and (IR) photography, which my colleagues and I successfully electromagnetic components of subtle energy measured and recorded on an Earth Gate (a geometric construction for harmonizing the Earth energies) and in healing human hands. At this moment we have our hope in the measurement of biofeedback, light particles which living cells communicate with each other which are mainly derived from the DNA. All this research is still not finished and this saying may not yet be construed as firm conclusions. But we hope that the vibration of all life on Earth in harmony can bring.

Biometric do not only at the scale of organs playing. It may also be at the microscopic level of cells and even on the level of our submicroscopic bio molecules. Ultimately, the energies that we are biometric deal, most likely from the subatomic world, where the quantum physics way of. This may involve higher dimensions. (1) DNA can also support and to cure them, in addition to the pentagram and the dodecahedron, bio signature signed (see DNA bio signature image) based on the energy currents in the DNA molecule and chromosomes. Try it out and any new development itself!

Source: World secrets

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