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On Sunday, ex Israel military intelligence officer, Ari Ben-Menashe’s, three-story house on Jean-Girard St. in Montreal’s affluent Westmount neighbourhood was set on fire by some unknown person (s). The Montreal police and the Zionist-controlled mainstream media have called it case of arson. Ari Ben-Menashe was not in the house at the time.

Some of Ari Ben-Menashe friends and analyst don’t believe in the ‘arson’ story. They think it was an Israeli operation to scare or eliminate the anti-Israel whistleblower. To understand this episode, one has to go back to Mossad super-spy and British Jewish media tycon Robert Maxwell who died in mysterious circumstances off his yacht in the Canary Islands in November 1991. Gordon Thomas in his book ‘Robert Maxwell, Israel’s superspy: The Life and Murder of a Media Mughal‘, claimed that “Mossad whacked Maxwell, because he tried to extort money from them to get out of debt“.

Iran-born Israeli Jew, Ben-Menashe, worked with Israel military intelligence during 1977-87. It’s reported that he provided information on Israel’s nuclear arsenal to American Jewish investigative reporter and author Seymour Hersh for his 1991 book ‘The Samson Option’. Ben-Menashe surfaced publicly in 1990 when he exposed Robert Maxwell and one of his editors Nicholas Davies at the Mirror newspapers as Israeli secret agents. In Ben-Menashe’s account, Maxwell was a central player in building secret Israeli diplomatic and intelligence ties with Moscow and mass immigration of Russian Jews to the US and Israel.

Ben-Menashe also claimed to have witnessed CIA official Robert Gates and George Bush in secret negotiations with Iranians officials to undermine President Carter’s efforts to free 52 American embassy staff held by Iran in 1980 for spying against the country.

Montreal has the second largest Jewish community in Canada. Like the rest of Canada, the pro-Israel lobby groups are very active in Quebec. The Verint company which handles Montreal’s Metro Subway video surveillance system, has links to Israeli Mossad. A few months ago, Israel lobby B’nai Brith Canada, had condemned the student protests being ’anti-Semitic’ as some protesters had been spotted using ‘Nazi salute’ to mock the Montreal police officers, calling them “SS fascists” for their alleged brutality. There had also been swastikas on anti-police pamphlets being distributed.

Quebec first female premier Pauline Marois is a known Israeli supporter but her PQ party is more sympathetic toward the uprooted Palestinians. In September 2012, investigative journalist Wayne Madsen had claimed that Canada under Stephen Harper’s government is being Zionized. Madsen claimed Richard Henry Bain who tried to assassinate newly elected premier Pauline Marois on September 4, was as result of PQ’s support for Palestinians.

Ex Israeli spy’s house torched in Montreal | Rehmat's World