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On November 28, 2012, Israel’s daily Ha’aretz published Meirav Arlosoroff’s article, saying that many Israeli policy-makers are complaing that “Iran is eating Israel’s welfare budget”.

“Defense may seem sacrosanct in Israel, but behind the scenes dissent is brewing. “Iran is eating Israel’s welfare budget,” a high-ranking defense official told TheMaker (one of daily Ha’aretz’s Hebrew blogs). All the defense and Finance Ministry officials we spoke with agree. We were told the cost of a military attack on Iran is likely to run between NIS 10 and 12 billion – more than the Welfare Ministry’s entire annual budget of NIS 6 billion,” wote Arlosoroff. He ended the article by saying: “Israel spends NIS 60 billion – fully a quarter of national budget, without interest – only to shoot itself in the foot”.

One got to recognize that when it comes to whining – no other nation can beat Israelis. Israel’s defense budget (US$17 billion for 6 million people) is three-times greater than its so-called “existential threat”, Islamic Republic of Iran’s defense budget (US$5.7 billion for 65 million people) – and with the exception of Saudi Arabia ($43 billion for 28 million people), highest among the ME countries.

According to Mother Jones (October 18, 2011), United States foots 20% of Israel’s annual military budget. In addition, US taxpayers have been replacing Israel’s all military losses since its June 1967 war of aggression against its Arab neighbors. Last month, Obama administration announced to supply the Zionist regime with $647 million worth arms to make-up Jewish army’s losses during the 8-day war on Gaza.

Israel has also received military aid from France and Germany. It just received four of six nuclear submarines from Germany which were mostly paid for by the German taxpayers.

Last year, former Israeli army chief of staff, Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi, while speaking at the Calcalist Conference (Tel Aviv) said: “US taxpayers have contributed more to the Israel defense budget than Israeli taxpayers“.

American taxpayers also foot more than 30% of Israel’s social and medicare services. Washington gives $3 billion annual military aid to Israel (or $8 million per day). According to late Thomas R. Stauffer Ph.D, five million Israeli Jews have cost over three trillion dollars to the US taxpayers. This cost doesn’t include the free services rendered by American officials to Israeli interests while being paid by the US taxpayers.

In April 2011, Ira Chernus, a Jewish professor of religious studies at the University of Colorado, posted three sacred commandments for Americans who ever wish to challenge the myth of Israel’s insecurity.

1. For politicians, especially at the federal level: As soon as you say the word “Israel,” you must also say the word “security” and promise that the United States will always, always, always be committed to Israel’s security. If you occasionally label an action by the Israeli government “unhelpful,” you must immediately reaffirm the eternal U.S. commitment to Israel’s security.

2. For TV talking heads and op-ed pundits: If you criticize any policies or actions of the Israeli government, you must immediately add that Israel does, of course, have very real and serious security needs that have to be addressed.

3. For journalists covering the Israel-Palestine conflict for major American news outlets: You must live in Jewish Jerusalem or in Tel Aviv and take only occasional day trips into the Occupied Territories. So your reporting must inevitably be slanted toward the perspective of the Jews you live among. And you must indicate in every report that Jewish Israeli life is dominated by anxiety about security.

Professor Texe Marrs, is a retired USAF officer and author of several books on Christian prophecies, Zionism and Israel. He says the Zionist plot is to rob US taxpayers to pay for American wars on Muslim countries, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, etc. Read Marrs’ article here.

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