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On Sunday evening, Christians visiting the Baptist House church in central Jerusalem were greeted with anti-Christian graffiti painted in Hebrew on the outside wall. The graffiti, when translated in English, means “We will (Jesus) crucify you” and “Death to Christians” – and crude insults against Jesus and his mother Saint Mary (reported by AFP). In addition to the gaffiti, tyres of three cars parked near by were slashed.

A week ago, anti-Arab graffiti was sprayed on the walls of a bi-lingual Jewish-Arab school in Jerusalem.

In July 2011 – a Baptist church was attacked by Jewish extremists in response to Baptist Unions’ support for the BDS movement.

Christian scholars who have studied Jewish Talmud in Hebrew, testify that such hatred against Jesus, his mother and Christians in general is core beliefs of Babylonian Judaism. Israeli historian, professor Israel Shahak in his renowned book, Jewish History, Jewish Religion has documented Israeli Jewish hatred toward native Muslim and Christian Palestinians. Making fun of Jesus and Christian religious symbols in not rare in Israel or Jewish minorities in the West. Jewish comedian Sarah made fun of Jesus, saying: “Good! I hope the Jews did kill Christ, I will do it again. I’d ….. do it again in a second“. Watch video below.

The Zionist controlled mainstream media and the powerful 65 million Zionist Christian lobby don’t let ordinary Christian know how their fellow Christians are discriminated in Israel. It’s a crime to gift a copy of the New Testament (NT) to a Jew in Israel. Spitting on priests by religious Jews is not uncommon in Israel. Tens of thousands copies of the NT have been burned in Israel. No new church building has been allowed to be built in Israel since 1950s. Talmud commands religious male Jews to recite this in their daily prayers: “Thank G-d for not making me a Gentile, a woman or a slave“.

In 2008, Rev. Gary Cass, of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission summed up the plight of Christian minority in Israel.”Will McCain and Obama turn a blind eye to the suffering of Christians in Israel? Both Obama and McCain say they want change, but do either of them have the courage to challenge the powerful Jewish lobby in America? Will either of them demand true religious liberty for Christians and all faiths in Israel as a condition of American support of Israel, including the right of Christians to share their faith with Jews?”

Israel: ‘Death to Christian’ painted on churches | Rehmat's World