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Last month, Israeli political pundits were so excited by the departure of Hamas leader Khalid Mashaal from Damascus that British Jewish Chronicle published an article on March 15, 2012 with headline: “It’s Clear: Hamas has left Iran’s axis of madness“. The Jewish pundit claimed that “Hamas has made a decision to focus on a political course instead of arm resistance. But, its two other partners in crime – two smaller organizations in the Strip, Islamic Jihad and the Popular Resistance Committee (PRC), which still maintain their headquarters in Damascus and are supported by Tehran – are the ones behind the current rocket attacks against Israeli soldiers“.

On April 20, Hamas leader Moussa Abu Marzouk’s interview with America’s oldest Jewish newspaper, daily Forward, shocked the entire Zionist world. The Zionist media quoted Moussa Abu Marzouk saying that Hamas will not be committed to any deal or treaty signed between the Zionist regime and Mahmoud Abbas’ Fattah group.

The statement makes sense – because how could the Zionist regime expect Hamas to abide by a deal or treaty to which it was not a party? But, then how one could expect some rational thinking from one-track minded Zionists!

The Zionist regime has refused to hold direct negotiations with Hamas leadership even though Hamas won a landslide victory in 2006 elections which former US president Jimmy Carter claimed ‘very democratic and fair’.

Abu Marzouk in a long interview said emphatically: “We will not recognize Israel as a state. It will be like the relationship between Lebanon and Israel or Syria and Israel“. He also said that “as long as there is occupation on our ancestral land, we have the right to defend our land under international law by all means including military resistance“.

In fact, Abu Marzouk was just repeating the statement made by Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniyeh in Tehran while attending Iran’s 33rd anniversary of Islamic Revolution.

Abu Marzouk denied Israeli propaganda lies that Hamas targets Israeli civilians and use children as shields. He claimed that when Israeli soldiers take cover behind civilians – it’s impossible to avoid collateral damage. The Israeli myth of suicide bombing is in fact mostly Mossad false flag operations.

Hamas constitution doesn’t recognize the Jewish occupation of historic Palestine.

It’s reported that like Jew-hating Hollywood director and actor, Mel Gibson, Abu Marzouk also believe that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are genuine. According to Canadian Jewish academic and blogger, Henry Makow, PhD – Lionel Nathan Rothschild was, most probably, the author of The Protocols.

It seems Moussa Abu Marzouk’s interview with US Jewish daily Forward proves that some of Hamas leaders may have distant themselves from Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for Qatari $250 million bribe – but they’re still part of “Iran’s axis of madness“.

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