Israel Lobby: ‘Turkey is an ally against Islamists’


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Last August I posted how Turkish prime minister Erdogan is fighting US-Israel proxy war against Islamic and democratic revival in the Muslim world. My views have been confirmed by a new Task Force Report issued by the powerful Israel lobby group, the Council on Foreign Relations, which has concluded that even though AKP government in Ankara has angered Israel and its supporters in the United States – it’s still the best card in Washington’s hand to stop anti-USrael Islamists coming into power in Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrain, Yemen, Lebanon and other parts of the Muslim East engulfed by the ‘Arab Spring’ and supported by Iran and Syria.

The report is important, as it’s written by several American pro-Israel heavyweights. The panel was headed by Madeliene K. Albright, the butcher of US-Iraq War – with Stephen J. Hadley, Bush’s national security council adviser, Steven A. Cook, senior fellow for Middle Eastern Studies, a Zionist think tank, Soner Cagaptay (WINEP, an arm of AIPAC), Robert Kagan (Jewish Brookings), Parag Khanna (New American Foundation, a neocon think tank), etc.

“Turkey is a rising regional and global power facing, as is the United States, the challenges of political transitions in the Middle East, bloodshed in Syria, and Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons. As a result, it is incumbent upon the leaders of the United States and Turkey to define a new partnership in order to make a strategic relationship a reality,” says the report.

Top American Jewish investgating writer and blogger, Stephen Lendman, wrote the other day that the bloodshed in Syria and the US threats against Iran are to remove Israel’s regional rivals. The anti-Bashar rebels are foreign insurgents, armed, trained and financed by the US, France, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

In January, Barack Obama called Erdogan, one of his five international best friends. Nope, Ahmadinejad was not among those five ‘chosen ones’!

In March, Obama held a 90-minutes private meeting with Erdogan at Grand Hyatt Seoul, during which they shared their future plans for Syria and the Islamic Republic. After the meeting, a jubilant Obama told reprters that “they’re very much in agreement” that transition to legitimate government in Syria (a regime change) is needed. Obama added that Erdoğan is an “outstanding” partner. “As people with a conscience, we cannot remain spectators and have to do something (about Syria) via international law,” boasted Erdogan in response.

Many analyst believe that Washington is pushing Ankara into a proxy war with Syria and Iran. The US-Israel-Saudi axis of evil need Turkey in their effort to further corner Assad regime in Syria and isolate its allies in Lebanon and Iran – but want to prevent a shift in regional power away from Israel and Saudi Arabia to Turkey – though recognized as a ‘democratic and economic model’ for the Muslim world by many western regimes.

Syria has become a test ground for Turkey. If it attacks Syria or joins US-NATO’s ‘humanitarian invasion’ of Syria – Turkey could end up in the same sinking boat as the US, which has become the most hated country in the Muslim world for its blind support for the Zionist entity and the brutal authoritarian regimes in the Muslim East – and for not taking assertive action in the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.

The Justice and Development Party (AK Party), though born into a Islamic political movement, has long left its Islamic credentials behind. It has turned into a Turkish Muslim Nationalist party. Erdogan, himself, has claimed that he is Turk first and Muslim afterward.

To understand the ‘Tripple Aliance’ between the US, Israel and Turkey, I highly recommend Jewish professor Michel Chossudovsky’s (University of Ottawa) 2006 article here.

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