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Lisa Curtis, is a former CIA analyst posted in Pakistan and India. Currently, she is a senior research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, a Washington DC-based powerful pro-Israel think tank. It’s Chairman is Thomas A. Saunders III, a Zionist Jew. Curtis is against American forces’ withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan. She doesn’t like Washington’s making-up with Taliban and a committed anti-Muslim Zionist.

Immediately after Israeli false flag operation in New Delhi – Lisa wrote on Heritage Foundation website: “After Israeli diplomates have been targeted, India will have to seriously factor the cost of oil trade with Iran to its rapidly growing defense ties with Israel“. She agreed with Benji Netanyahu that the terrorist attacks on Israeli embassies in New Delhi and Tbilisi – was work of Iran or Hizbullah. She also said: “In the coming months, India and Israel are expected to sign a number of military contracts involving co-production and sophisticated Israeli technologies“. I bet Curtis must be very much hurt to learn that India has just blacklisted Israeli Military Industry - depriving her favorite Israel billions of dollars military contracts.

Curtis seems to be happy to see Sherry Rehman as Pakistan’s new ambassador in Washington. She said Rehman’s appointment appears to “bode well for the future of democracy in Pakistan,” but warned “that the Ijaz-Haqqani episode will have strong negative reverberations for civil-military relations in Pakistan.

Now, in an article, Lisa has asked Obama to distance from Pakistan and find an alternate (India) to bring peace and stability in Aghanistan.

“Unless Pakistan demonstrates a willingness to actively squeeze Taliban insurgents on its soil and use its leverage to bring them to compromise with the US and Afghan authorities, the US should consider alternative policy options to stem terrorism in the region,” wrote Lisa.

In September 2011 – Lisa Curtis urged Obama to suspend all military and civilian aid to Pakistan for allegedly being involved in bombing of US embassy in Kabul which Islamabad had blamed on RAW-Mossad. Later Barack Obama intervened in the war of words between Pakistan and the Israel Lobby.

Former American top-gun, Admiral Mullen had suggested before retiring that Pakistan holds key to peace in Afghanistan and Southwest Asia. “There is no stable future in the region without a partnership with Pakistan“.