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Republican Sen. Rand Paul is in Israel to gain Jewish support for his GOP presidential nomination bid in 2016. It seems he has not learned a lesson from his father Rep. Ron Paul’s failed bid for GOP presidential nomination last year because the Jewish Lobby considered him a vicious antisemite. Like his father, he too, believes in stopping USAID to Israel, Egypt and Pakistan – and no US wars for Israel.

Sen. Rand Paul accompanied by a group of Christian evangelists landed in Jerusalem yesterday for the first time. He is schedule to meet Zionist president Shimon Peres and prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He told his Jewish audience at the Jerusalem Institute, an Israeli Hasbara (propaganda) think tank, that a economically bankrupt America would not be able to defend Israel from its regional enemies.

Paul said it is one thing if you are giving foreign aid out of your savings, but it is something completely different if you are “borrowing from one country to give to another. You have to wonder how wide that is, and what the repercussions will be.”

Paul said that he was concerned the US was trying to win friends in the region by selling them arms (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar and UAE) where you can have a situation down the line where Israel would have to face up against Egypt supplied with US state-of-the-art tanks.

Paul, though acknowledged that he will not see an end to USAID to Israel in his lifetime, said he was “all for gradualism” and would start ending foreign aid to those countries who don’t act as allies towards Israel. One wonder which country Paul had in mind because an anti-Israel country has zero chance of buying arms from United States.

Paul said that as far as aid to Israel is concerned, he is not suggesting disengagement or that the US should stop selling armaments, but said “it wouldn’t be a one-way street, it would be a sale, not a grant.

In 2011, Sen. Rand Paul got into hotwater with Jewish groups when he told CNN Zionist Jew host Wolf Blitzer that with such a crushing economic picture in the US, “we just can’t do it anymore”. In response, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), the highest ranking Jewish member of Congress had slammed Paul.

Zionist entity is the single biggest receiver of USAID. According to late Thomas R. Stauffer, Israel had cost US$3 trillion to US taxpayers between 1970-2002, excluding $3 billion worth military handout per year and replacement of Israeli military loses during its wars with its neighboring nations.

The other major reciepants of US financial bribe are Egypt ($1.3 billion per year after it recognized Zionist entity in 1980s), Pakistan ($28 billion since 1960s) and Jordan ($300-400 million per year since 1970s).

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