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Forget Israeli propaganda that Turkish Muslims support Hamas because they too hate Jews. Just watch ‘Building Bridges’ – an interfaith dialogue show on Turkish television A9TV. Two of its hosts, Ece Koc and Gulsah Gucyetmez Resimler, tell their audience that Palestinian military resistance against the Jewish occupiers of their land – is against the teachings of Holy Qur’an.

Ece Koc, is a Turkish economist, writer, interfaith activist and peace advocate. Her articles are often published in Israeli newspapers. In her November 25 Op-Ed at Israel National News, she wrote: “Palestinian Arabs need to know that firing rockets at Israel is incompatible with Islam, and that Islam is a religion of peace that forbids the killing of others. In this respect it is really hard to understand what benefit Palestinian Arabs are seeking to achieve with those rocket attacks. Firing rockets and killing people is of no advantage to them. As a consequence the Israelis say that they have the right to defend themselves and then start firing back. This mentality has never done any good for decades.”

Gulsah is an engineer by education. She is also a producer at A9TV where she dewells on religious subjects as women’s rights in Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

Her recent article, entitled ‘ How long will the Israel-Palestine ceasefire holds?’ – shows her ignorance of the three Abrahamic faiths. she has confused the promised Jewish Messiah with the appearance of Shia’s 12th Imam Mahdi in order to bring peace between Israeli Jews and Palestinians. The Palestinian resistance groups, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Fatah – are all Sunni Muslims who don’t believe in Imam Mahdi. But they do believe in the coming of ‘Jesus son of Mary’ to lead pious Muslims. Jews, on the other hand, don’t accept Jesus as a prophet or the promised Jewish Messiah. Read her article here.

Gulsah quotes one of greatest Jewish scholar Rabbi Moses Maimonides to prove the arrival of Imam Mahdi (Messiah). “Whoever doesn’t believe in him, or doesn’t wait his coming, denies not only other prophets but also the Torah and Moshe our teacher,” Rabbi Maimonides, Mishnah, Torah, Laws of Kings 11.1.

Muslim scholars have claimed that this and several other prophecies mentioned in Torah (The Old Testament) refer to the arrival of the Last Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). No Shia religious authority has claimed that the said prophecy refers to the coming of Imam Mahdi or Christ.

British professor Dr. Martin Lings in his 1983 book, ‘Muhammad: his life based on the earliest sources‘ did claim that a Christian monk by the name Bahira after meeting Muhammad, aged 10 – had warned his uncle Abu Talib (father of Imam Ali): “Take thy brother’s son back to his country, and guard him against the Jews, for by God, if they see himand know of him that which I know, they will contrive evil against him. Great things are in store for this brother’s son of thine“. The Monk was referring to Israelites’ belief that the Final Messenger will be among the Hebrew tribes – while the boy was born into Quresh, a non-Hebrew tribe.

Gulsah also claims the Shmoneh Esrei (Amidah), a prayer which Jews recite three times a day, also contains a prayer to Allah for the coming of Imam Mahdi.

Gulsah ends her article by saying: “Full peace has still not been established between Israel and Palestine. Yet this is astonishing because Muslims are the children of the Prophet Ishmael (pbuh) and the Jews of the Prophet Jacob (pbuh). The way that two brothers descended from prophets are in a state of conflict is a miracle, and obviously the work of satan, the antichrist. By Allah’s leave, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will thwart that stratagem. And, insha’ALLAH, a climate will be established in which Jews and Muslims can live together, in peace. We are currently going through birth pains described in both the Torah and the hadiths but, insha’Allah, everyone will soon see that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is the only solution for our salvation.”

The world history tells us that Jews lived among Muslim societies in peace for over 1,300 years before the creation of the Zionist entity in historic Palestine. Arab-hating Jewish scholar Dr. Bernard Lewis in his 1984 book ‘The Jews of Islam’, called Muslim Spain (711-1492) as the “Golden Age of Jews”. Furthermore, the great majority of world Jewish population are not decendents of prophet Jacob (Israel). They’re Asiatic Khazarian Turks who converted to Judaism during the 10th century.

Having said that – the answer to her question over ceasefire – according to Hamas and several NGO groups, the Zionist regime has already violated the ceasefire several times.

Aylin Kocaman is another A9TV commentator and producer of the ‘Building Bridges’ show. Her columns are published both in Turkey and Israel. In her latest column at Israeli daily Jerusalem Post she claimed that Holy Qur’an allows Jews to live in Palestine, and therefore, they have the right to have a Jewish state in Palestine.

The ‘Building Bridges’ show is produced in association with the US-based Western Training Provider Network (WTPN).

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