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Realizing that the MB – based Justice and Freedom Party candidate Dr. Mohamed Morsi was set to win presidential race in the second round against US-Israel favorite Ahmed Shafiq, former PM under Hosni Mubbarak regime – Washington has initiated a total state coup in Cairo.

On Thursday, Egypt’s Constitutional Court, in its verdit cancelled the election of the parliament dominated by pro-Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist lawmakers. Most political analyst believe the court decision was to clear the way for the nomination to president for the US and the ruling military junta’s man – Ahmed Shafiq.

All judges of the Court were appointed by Mubarak regime. They took their oath to serve Mubarak’s dictorial Constitution. First they gave a lenient sentence to to the ousted western-puppet dictator and now they want the old undemocratic regime to survive under a new name. Most of these secular judges are affraid that under Islamists, they will lose their lucrative jobs.

Egyptians hated their government’s subservience to the US and Israel. Accordng to several western polls, over 80% of Egyptian participants said that Israel is the greatest threat to Egypt and the Middle East. Public sentiments were best explained by Salam Ayyash, an anti-Mubarak activist. “What do you think we are, stupid? It’s SCAF (Egypt’s ruling military junta), it’s the CIA – doing this two days before the presidential election. They do it very well. Chapeau!”

Former IAEA chief, Dr. Mohamed El Baradei PhD, was among the first who slammed the Court’s decision. “Electing a president without a Constitution and a parliament means electing a Head of State whose powers are even worse than those of dictatorships,” wrote El Baradei on Twitter.

Last year, American Jewish scholar Dr. Noam Chomsky, in a speech in New York said: “Across the (Arab World), an overwhelming majority of the population regards the United States as the main threat to their interests. The US and its allies will do anything they can to prevent authentic democracy in the Arab world“.

Lebanon’s interior minister, retired Maj. Gen. Marwan Charbel (a choice of country’s Christian president Gen. Michel Suleiman) in a recent interview with RT has claimed that the Zionist entity is the only country which has benefitted from the Arab Spring.

“The Arab Spring has born no fruit for any of the affected countries, so the ongoing process should rather be called “the Israel Spring”, since no country now poses a threat to Israel. External forces seek to divide and weaken all the countries surrounding Israel in order to ensure that state’s security,” said Marwan.

In 1991, during the first round of free and open elections in Algeria – when it became apparent that the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) would win a majority of contested seats and threaten the pro-West secularist National Liberation Front (FLN), US-France sponsored a military coup and banned FIS.

And finally, a prophetic prediction from Columbia University Christian professor Edward Said (died 2003), who once said: “Arabs will get their freedom, only when Americans get their freedom (from Israel Lobby)”. For saying that, Dr. Said was called “a terrorist” by Zionist Jew Islamophobe David Horowitz (FrontPage magazine, November 19, 2001).

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It's a shame they trusted the military there, now after all that went on in the Arab Spring, the military renigged on their promise, to return Egypt to the people when they were ready. Sad fate for a once powerful civilization. All that to get rid of an unwanted President now a bigger problem