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Dr. Richard Anderson Falk (born 1930) was fired as director of the US-based Human Right Watch (HRW) on December 17, 2012 without proper notification. It was the result of a letter sent to Kenneth Roth (Jewish), executive director HRW by Hillel C. Neuer, executive director UN Watch, an Israeli advocay group based in Geneva.

On December 17, 2012 Hillel C. Neuer (Jewish) wrote: “We are shocked to discover that Richard Falk – the U.N. official whose antisemitic remarks and 9/11 conspiracy theories have been condemned by British Prime Minister David Cameron, U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay – is a board member of your organization. By legitimizing this racist and enemy of human rights, your organization undermines its own founding principles. We urge you to remove him immediately.”

Calling Richard Falk “antisemitic” is so funny considering Dr. Falk is Jewish himself! Incidently, Dr. Falk, too, suffer from ‘antisemitic virus’. On December 13, in response to my comment on his blog, he wrote: “Rehmat: I almost discarded your comment because of the anti-Semetic overtones of ‘Jew intellectuals.’ I refrained because the substance of your remarks were valuable, and I thought maybe it was an innocent mistake of usage, the appropriate form of which would be ‘Jewish intellectuals.’ I hope that you appreciate the distinction. Best, Richard.”

Dr. Falk was appointed United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights for the Palestinian Territories on March 26, 2008 to a six year term. Since then, Dr. Falk has been called “antisemitic”, “anti-Israel”, a “self-hating Jew” and “Arab lover” by Israeli leaders and their Zionist cheer-leader in the West. Read here and here and here.

Last week, Professor Richard Falk angered the Zionist entity once again. On December 5, 2012, he called the Zionist entity to abide by and fully implement the cease-fire agreement that was brokered by US-Egypt to end the recent 8-day Israeli airstrikes on Gaza Strip.

Against all character-assassination by Israel Lobby, Dr. Falk has refused to resign from his United Nations’ position.

What is HRW? Under president Clinton, the New York-based HRW was the most influential pro-intervention lobby: its ‘anti-atrocity crusade’ helped drive the wars in ex-Yugoslavia. Under Dubya George Bush it lost influence to neoconservatives, who have their own crusades. The neoconservatives (both Zionist Jews and Christians) work and lobby for Israel – while HRW was founded on belief in the superiority of American values. It has close links to US foreign policy elites and to other interventionists and expansionist lobbies.

Kenneth Roth was hired by HRW executive director Aryeh Neir (Jewish) in 1987. In 1993, Aryeh Neir left HRW to become president of Jewish billionaire George Soro’s ‘Open Society Institute’. Since then, Roth is running the HRW. Jewish groups and individuals like George Soro, Irene Diamond, Lewis Cullman, Leon Levy, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Robert Bernstein, Edgar Bronfman Jr., etc. are the major sponsors ($100,000 +) of the HRW.

Now, in order to be fair to Kenneth Roth, I must point out that his 2010 response to the “wipe Israel off map“, the Jewish Memri’s lie, earned him the medal of “antisemitism” from the Jewish lobby groups. Asked in 2010 about Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s statement that Israel “must be wiped off the map,” Roth suggested that the Iranian president has been misunderstood. “There was a real question as to whether he actually said that,” Roth told Zionconservative The New Republic, because the Persian language lacks an idiom for wiping off the map.

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