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If I ask you guys for the truth, will I get it? Or will I receive only a cesspool of unenlightened opinions and anthropocentric BS biases based on selective reading and secular upbringings? Single-vantage "either-or" perspectives cloud all our judgment while we rely on "official" documentation in order to acquire final "empirical" evidence. Evidence of the EMPIRE. lol.. We are so stupid, all of us... together. This is the Truth.Wait, I'm sounding like a "conspiracy theorist" here.. So if I proposed that Santa Claus is a hoax and that parents deceive their children for curious reasons, then I would be theorizing a conspiracy. It's a good thing that I'm not saying that because it would incriminate all those parents who would never LIE to their kids... Of course Santa Claus is real! Right? ....right?Right! We need Mr. Santa to help us celebrate the death of a saint by going on a spending spree to gather up ghastly amounts of plastic items to help decorate our environment. We NEED to pollute and consume, or else we wouldn't be human. God forbid we live WITH the world instead of just ON it. We owe our consumerist patronage to the global elite ruling class. Where would we be without them? What sort of world would we have without "Big Brother" making sure we don't do anything "out of the ordinary"? Enough of the sarcasm. I challenge any of you to explain any of the following topics WITHOUT sounding like a "conspiracy theorist". Let's see it. Try to be convincing. Thule Society, Project Sunrise, Project Overcast, Project Paperclip, Project Bluebeam, Project Blue Book, Project Sign, Project Redlight, Project Sigma, Project Plato, Project Pounce, Project Argus, Project Plowshare, Project Gasbuggy, Project Excalibur, Project Gabriel / JOSHUA, Lientief Matrix, MAJIC-12, MKDELTA, MKULTRA, MKSIGN, Club of Rome, DREAMLAND, Law Act: Title 14 / Section 1211, NSA directive 4A, CE3K, HAARP, Tri-lateral Commission, "Star Wars" (not the movie......), etc... These are just some of the black projects that slipped through their facade. I am sure there is a larger amount of unrevealed "projects". Even if ONE of these topics I just listed are as real as the declassified documents suggest, then we as a people are sadly behind on the "know". Seriously. Way behind.PS: This question will most likely get deleted after a "Top Contributor" comes along and reports this as SPAM to the dogs of elite interests, but if that happens, I will just re-post it. So it is; so shall it be.