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The heading of my post relates to Zvi Bar’el’s artcle, entitled ‘Mohammed Morsi, Israel’s brother‘, published in Israeli daily Ha’aretz on November 21, 2012.

In the said article, Zvi Bar’el, has warned Zionist president Shimon Peres and other leaders not to put too much trust in Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi even though he has done several good things for Israel since he took power. He mentions how Shimon Peres and former British prime minister Tony Blair had praised Morsi for his efforts to play a serious role in convincing Hamas leaders to agree to cease-fire a few days ago. He also mentioned Morsi’s July 2012 letter to Peres – pledging to do his best to revive Israel-Palestinian peace talks and wishing Peres good health while ending the letter; “your friend”.

Both Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama heaped praise on the Egyptian president. Obama called his Egyptian counterpart to thank him for his efforts in the negotiations, and Clinton expressed her gratitude personally in the press conference announcing the deal.

All this reminded me Pakistan’s Field Marshal Mohammad Ayub Khan’s memoir, ‘Friends, Not Masters’ in which he qouted Chinese premier Chou En-Lai’s (died 1976) statement full of wisdom. Chou told Ayub Khan that as long as an enemy of your people hate you; you must be doing good for your people. But when he begins praising you; it mean you’re working against the interests of your own people.

Morsi’s national and foreign policies has made him unpopular among many of his supporters. He keep refusing to cancel peace treaty with the Zionist regime as demanded by a great majority of Egyptians, both Muslims and non-Muslims. On Thursday, he assumed dictorial powers for which opposition parties have labeled him “the new Pharoah”.

Both Israeli opposition leader Gen. Shaul Mofaz and Muslim Brotherhood top leader Mohammed Badie have shown their opposition to Morsi-Clinton cease-fire. MB leader have called for Jihad against Israel to free al-Quds, while Mofaz called is a victory for Hamas.

“The enemy knows nothing but the language of force. Be aware of the game of grand deception with which they depict peace accords,” said Mohammed Badie.

“A cease-fire at this point is a mistake; Hamas has the upper hand,” Shaul Mofaz said on Wednesday, adding, “We should not have stopped at this stage. Hamas got stronger and we did not gain deterrence.”

Leela JACINTO in French daily France 24, wrote on Novenber 23: “Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has won high praise for brokering the Israel-Hamas ceasefire. But can he implement the truce?” Leela also claimed that Iranian supplied Fajr-5 rockets have enhanced Hamas/Islamic Jihad’s deterrant capibilities. The range of various rockets is shown here.

My answer would be – Morsi has no political experience and he is hugely dependent of US military aid ($1.3 billion), Egyptian Generals and on Saudi and Qatari purses. Furthermore, Muslim Brotherhood’s Tunisian, Moroccan, Jordanian and Syrian allies are also allied with United States and Israel.

Judging by Israel’s record of breaking previous peace accords – It will take only a stone-throwing Palestinian kid to reignite Jewish vengeance and move Morsi from the centre of peace to the sidelines of the next Jewish war on Gaza.

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