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British Foreign Secretary, Dr. Liam Fox 50, resigned on Friday over scandal with his long-time gayfriend Adam Werritty 34. Werritty, later served Fox’s best man at Fox’s 2005 marriage to Dr. Jesme Baird. British Prime Minister, Israel-Firster David Cameron has appointed millionaire Dr. Philip Hammond as his new Secretary of Defense. Philip Hammond, as Transport Secretary is welknown for his ties with British Jewish Lobby.

Liam Fox is fondly known as Champion of Israel. On May 15, 2011 – Liam Fox attended ‘We Believe in Israel’ conference in London. The Jewish Chronicle (May 15, 2011) reported: “It all kicked off with a speech by Liam Fox, a man who in previous years has never shied away from demonstrating his solidly pro Israel credentials“.

Liam Fox was also founder of, now dissolved, Ziocon think tank, Atlantic Bridge, registered as a ‘charity group’ but was in fact an Israeli Hasbara (propaganda) front to bring pro-Israeli groups in Britian and United States together. Israel-Firsters Adam Werritty, George Osborne, William Hague and Michael Gove served on the advisory board of the charity, which was closely linked to neocons in America. Baroness Thatcher was the honorary patron.

Both Fox and Werritty are accused of having hidden hands behind Pargav, a so-called ‘not-for-profit’ company which had received funding from six different entities including millionaire Jon Moulton and another investment company with links to an organisation that lobbies on behalf of Israel.

Fox played a major part in British military support for Washington’s invasion of Iraq in 2003. He also recently boasted for his role in ‘liberating’ Libyan from Qaddafi regime. “I am proud also to have played a part in helping to liberate the people of Libya and I regret that I will not see through to its conclusion Britian’s role in Afghanistan, where so much progress has been made,” Fox said.

Interestingly, after ten years, US-NATO (140,000) forces are still unable to defeat Taliban who control 80% of the country. The same goes for Libya where NATO and US-French-British supported National Transitional Council (NTC) thugs are still being fought in the ‘occupied Tripoli’ and Sirte.

David Cameron, who told House of Common last year that Islamic Republic owns a nuclear bomb, praised Fox for his great work at the armed forces. “On Libya, you played a key role in the campaignto stop people being massacred by the Qaddafi regime and instead win their freedom,” David Cameron wrote to Fox. However, British journalist Lizzie Phelan who have covered the war, don’t agree with David Cameron’s lies (watch a video below).

David Cameron’s hope that Fox’s exit will colse the chapter on his goverment’s shady relations with Israel and Ziocons in the US – were dashed when the Opposition Labour Party demanded that Cameron government continue further investigation of Box-Werritty affair.

‘Israel-First’ UK Defense Minister forced to resign | Rehmat's World