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The Zionist entity’s ambassador in Washington, Michael Oren, delivered a lecture at the Columbia Law School on Monday. Michael Oren was born in USA and studied at Columbia University. Like Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu – Oren also hold dual US-Israel citizenship.

The event was hosted by the Law School’s Center for Israel Studies – and thus attracted only 200 pro-Israel audience.

During his 40-minutes speech, Oren recycled the old Israel Hasbara (propaganda) lies, such as – Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and the only trust-worthy friend of the United States. Oren shied away mentioning all those American Jews caught in spying for Israel including Israeli hero spy Jonathan Pollard. Asked if he feared Pollard might die in prison, Oren replied: “Securing the release of Jonathan Pollard is a top item for us and I hand delivered a letter from the prime minister (Bibi) to the president (Obama) asking for clemency for Pollard.”

However, Oren did remind his brainwashed audience how Americans have benefited from Israeli ‘inventions’.

“Israel saves American lives on and off the battlefield. There are Israeli-made components in every American military vehicle and a kibbutz in northern Israel created a kit that allows the military to armor-coat its vehicles. An Israeli-made pressure bandage, designed to stop bleeding, is used to save American soldiers; the same one that was also used when Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was short in Arizona last year,” boasted Oren. I guess, Israelis deserve rightfully to be funded over $6 billion by the US taxpayers for such inventions.

Oren also mentioned how Israelis have honored their American victims with the exception of USS Liberty and USS Cole.

“Israel has a memorial to John F. Kennedy, a memorial to Martin Luther King, Jr., and a memorial to the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, he said. There also is a Liberty Bell Park in Jerusalem, he added, complete with a replica of the Liberty Bell,” said Oren.

Although the US and Israel reportedly disagree about when Iran must be stopped in its quest to develop nuclear weapons, Oren said they both agreed that Iran must not be permitted to develop such weapons.

Oren said the relationship between Israel and the US is so close that he could not think of an instance in the last six years in which the two did not vote together at the United Nations. He noted that when the UN General Assembly voted in October to condemn the US embargo against Cuba by a vote of 186 to 2, Israel and the US cast the only no votes.

Cuba has refused to release American Jewish spy Alan Gross.

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