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Tehran has denied pro-Israel daily The New York Times report that both the US and Iran have agreed to hold ‘one-to-one’ talks on Iran’s nuclear program after the November elections.

“We don’t have any discussions or negotiations with America,” Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said in a news conference on Sunday. “The (nuclear) talks are ongoing with the P5+1 group of nations. Other than that, we have no discussions with the United States,” Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said in a news conference today.

The NYT reported yesterday that the agreement was the culmination of a year-long intense back-channel communications between American and Iranian officials. However, the daily admitted that the deal has not yet been blessed by Iran’s Supereme leader Ayatullah Ali Khamenie.

The news has upset the Obama campaign lead by pro-Israel Jews and Israeli ambassador Michael Oren. Oren said that no such agreement could be possible as Obama administration had not informed Israel, reported the NYT.

Israel is the world’s largest USAID receiver. It has received over $3 trillion between 1973 – 2004, according to some independent sources. Last month, Israel’s former top gun, Lt. Gen. Gabi Askhenazi told a conference that Israel Armed Forces receive more funds from American taxpayers than Israeli taxpayers. Israel gets an annual military aid of $3 billion by the end of January each year. Israel deposit it in the US banks and receives interest on it – while American taxpayers pay for the cost of the loan.

Israeli deputy prime minister admitted in an interview with Al-Jazeera a few months ago that US-Iran nuclear conflict is good for Israel as it has successfully diverted world attention from Israel’s on-going illegal Jewish settlements.

Israel allegedly has 240-400 nuclear bombs while both the US and Israeli intelligence agencies agrees that Iran has not produced a nuclear device as yet.

Peter Van Buren (a US foreign service official for years) in his latest artical published in the Tom Dispatch on October 11, 2012 raised a good question about America’s bloody wars in the Middle East. The question was: “What we want from the Middle East?” Then Peter wrap the obvious answer under several layers: “Is it all about oil? Israel? Old-fashioned hegemony and containment? What is our goal in fighting an intensifying proxy war with Iran, newly expanded into cyberspace? Are we worried about a nuclear Iran, or just worried about a new nuclear club member in general?”

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