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On Wednesday, a bomb exploded in the bus carrying Israeli tourists at the Sarafovo airport terminal of the Bulgarian city of Burgas. Bulgarian television has reported that seven Jewish tourists were killed and 30 more injured. As expected, Israeli prime minister Netanyahu blamed the Islamic Republic for the blast. Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Leiberman immediately called his Bulgarian counterpart, Nikolay Mladenov, on phone to tell him who should be blamed for the bombing. Israel has already despatched a rescue team to remove evidence as they did at the Israeli-owned Hotel Paradise Mombassa in Kenya on November 22, 2002, Madrid train bombing on March 11, 2004 and London train bombing on July 7, 2005.

Israeli Mossad is welknown for such False flag operations around the world.

Incidently, Wednesday also marked the anniversary of the July 18, 1994 Mossad false flag operation – the bombing of Jewish Center (AMIA) in Buenos Aires which killed 85 people and injured hundreds others. Israel has long been trying to pin the blame on Hizbullah and Tehran. On July 17, 2012 – Abraham Foxman, head of Israel lobby group ADL in a statement urged Argentinean President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner to investigate Iran’s involvement in the bombing and “work to counter Iranian influence in Latin America“. MP Kirchner visited Israel in 2005 where she was lauded being a “great friend” of Argentinean Jewish community (largest in South America).

Before some Zionist idiot blame me being a ‘conspiracy theorist’ - let me repeat what Nikolay Mladenov said in his speech at the American Jewish Committee’s (AJC) Global Forum in 2011.

“1. We shall never accept the policies of Iran to develop nuclear weapons, to challenge the right of a member state of the United Nations to exist.

2. We will stand up to those who aim to subvert the Durban process by single out the state of Israel.

3. We will say “no” to all who aim to de-legitimize Israel. To refuse the right of Israel to exist means to refuse the right of the Palestinian people to also have a state of their own.“

Nikolay Mladenov visited Israel in 2010 and held a meeting with Netanyahu who told him that “Bulgaria has to make use of the unwillingness of Israeli tourists to spend their vacation in Turkey“. Netanyahu was greeted by Bulgarian prime minister Boyko Borisov in Sofia on July 7, 2011. Israel president Shimon Peres visited Bulgaria in August 2010.

On April 6, 2012 – Bulgarian parliament ratify a military cooperation agreement with the Zionist entity. the agreement will allow Bulgarian armed and security personnel to be trained in Israel and have joint military excercises in both countries.

Bulgaria’s 50,000-strong Jewish community has unique history under Nazi occupation. Professor Michael Bar Oar (Emory University) has claimed in his 1998 book ‘Beyond Hitler’s Grasp’ that no Bulgarian Jew was sent to Nazi concentration camps. In 1999, Abraham Foxman visited Sophia and donated 30,000 copies of the book for distribution in Bulgaria. Former Mayor of Sofia, Boyko Borisov, is the current prime minister of Bulgaria.

Ottoman Turks ruled Bulgaria for nearly five centuries through local, Jewish and Armenian nobles – from 1396 to 1878. Sir Thomas Walker Arnold (d. 1930) in his book ‘Preaching of Islam’ claims that Ottoman Turks never forced their subjects to convert to Islam. However, since its independence in 1908 – Muslim communities in Bulgaria have been targeted by the communist rulers, Orthodox Church and lately the Zionist groups. Bulgarian Muslims were forced to convert to Christianity and mosques were converted into churches. Out of 44 mosques in Sofia, only one has survived as a historical monument. In the summer of 1989 300,000 Muslims were deported from Bulgaria. Currently, Muslims make 12% of country’s total population of seven million.

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