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from Steve Quayles site a little more information about Planet X,

heres a tidbit

Understanding the Planet X Problem

May 16, 2003

Folks, this e-mail from one of our researchers, Jack McCracken, is Important for the information received from the interview of Professor McCanney with Rick Martin. Although it is very long and for some, it will be quite tedious to weed through, if you are going to understand the Planet X problem, you would be wise to take the time to read it. All of you should be aware by now that our planet is now going through some very strange and record breaking storms---including tornadoes, hail, lightening, and floods.

They are all related to Planet X as it approaches our inner Solar System. We are still unable to come up with any estimated time of arrival; however, we do know that it is "inbound" and "imminent". Stay tuned for further up-dates.

Thanks Jack.

for the full aricle which is well worth reading : Steve Quayle News Alerts

this page includes more information :
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there is a brief mention here of an asteroid approaching earth - but as Jeff Rense and Cliff High discuss the problems of the oil problem and other scenarios that will affect our survival -- good suggestions are given

this is the third segmenet of the interview

more to come


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its been stated that as Nibiru comes closer earthquakes, volcanic activity all increases, weather conditions of course will intesify, snow in summer such as what Alberta was surprised with a few days ago -
article Alberta walloped with snow - The Weather Network

here is a link to more articles about the disasters occurring around the world
disaster Articles // Planet X, Hercolubus or Nibiru Blog

an update with Jeff Rense and Lindsay Williams about the BP Oil spill in Gulf of Mexico -
37:16 mins

this video gives a good overview how this will affect the world -- as more disasters occur - toxic air that we breath becomes a reality--

do what you can to get prepared!
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