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While the pro-Israel western leaders, Egyptian puppet government and mass-media are blaming the non-existent Al-Qaeda, the Egyptian Bar Association and country’s former Foreign Minister Abdallah al-Ashal have accused Israeli intelligence services for terrorist attack on the Coptic church in Alexandria on the New Year Eve mass.

“The mossad carried out the operation in a natural reaction to the latest uncovering of an Israeli espionage network,” the lawyers claimed during a rally in memory of the victims of the latest church bombing which killed 22 people and wounding another 80.

It is reported that Israeli Ambassador to Egypt, Itzhak Levanon, along with his wife boarded El Al flight at Cairo airport to return to Israel unannounced after hours of the latest Israeli espionage network uncovered by Egyptian security agency in late December 2010. This was the 15th Israeli espionage network uncovered since Cairo signed a peace-treaty with Tel aviv under Camp David Accords in 1978.

Lebanese Islamic Resistance condemned the attack and offered condolence to the families of the victims. The Resistance’s official statement said: “The terrorist attack is a part of the most dangerous conspiracies aimed to target religious co-existence to serve US-Israeli interests”.

Hizbullah has been a major target of Israeli espionage networks in Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Iraq – by spreading sectarian hatred between Shia, Sunnis and Christians. Last month Lebanese Foreign Minister lodged complaint to United Nations Security Council for the second time about Israeli espionage network foiled by Hizbullah. The first was in September 2010, on which no action was taken by the ZOG international body. Watch a video on Israeli espionage network below.

Egyptian military group ‘Free Officers’ (a band of secularist and Arab nationalist military officers) which with the help of Gen. Naguib deposed Farouk I, the King of Egypt and Sudan in 1952 – was long infiltrated by Israeli secret agents. For example, Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser’s son-in-law, Ashraf Marwan (b. 1944), an Egyptian intelligence officer, who has the distinction of being the only Muslim spy considered by Israel as its spy hero. After the death of Nasser, Ashraf Marwan PhD, held important government positions until he resigned and took residence in England in the 1970s as a billionaire. He was reported dead on June 27, 2007 as result of “a fall” from the window of his fifth floor flat in Carlton House Terrace, London. Though, the London police called it a “suicide” – Ashraf’s son Gamal Marwan and his close friends claimed he was murdered by the Mossad agents.