Prediction seems to be on Great Britain
Sunday, March 1, 2009

In the article Pravda.ru predictions for 2009 last January 21, 2009 were for different regions of the world predictions written. Great Britain seems to be the first prediction is already fairly well off are:

- Fights between Islamic extremist and English Nationalist
- Martial law. Welcome to the State Police.
- Looking for an escalation of the cold war with Russia

Translated version of http://www.hetvrijevolk.com/?pagina=8012

The British police warns of serious unrest - this year.
Reports of British secret services have now preparing several activists to violent mass demonstrations show, according to Hartshorne. And that would be a civil war could result. It will be a strange mixture that together will collide: leftist activists, immigrants and environmentalists will form one party, extreme right-wing groups such as the battle group Combat 18 and the other supporters. And then what will happen in the last months, Greece and other EU states have already seen: we are in chaos and the situation is uncontrollable. Heavy and civil uprisings in some cities.

Source: HetVrijeVolk.com

Pravda.ru Predictions for 2009
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Groningen, Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pravda.ru (Stanislav Mishin) Predictions for 2009

- Between Russia and the West a new Cold War will increase.
(Predictions in the Bible or an invasion of the middle east by forces from the north-Russia-are the same)
- There will be a small home-grown terrorist threat throughout Russia.

- By mid year a Raging Bonfire inflationary. Savings will disappear over night. Add to this continued mass layoffs that will reach another 2 to 3 million people, and an unofficial unemployment rate of 15% +
- A series of wars (possibly also Mexico)
- A very hot and horrid summer.
(Prediction of Web-Bot is the same)
- The U.S. army's North America command will be called in to affect areas, forcing gun confiscation and martial law.

- Fights between Islamic extremist and English Nationalist
- Martial law. Welcome to the State Police.
- Looking for an escalation of the cold war with Russia

- France will have early elections and will take a hard left turn. However, the Islamic ghettos will be blocked off as violence escalates.

- Ethnic cleansing of the Gypsies and Islamic Arabs will pick up pace.

- Will become THE polital power of the EU
- Friction between Merkel and an imperial Obama will also grow.

- Will turn violent against russian minorities
- By the end of 2009 absolute anarchy

- Nato will re annex Kosovo from the 'mafia' with troops retreat from afghanistan
- What will follow is again war in former Yugoslavia and this time also surrounding countries

- The ever more Islamized government will finally lead to at least one military putsch to replace them with secular powers.

- Will start another offensive
- Saakashvili will be overthrown by another western puppet
- Russian retalliation may lead to total annexation of Georgia

- Syria will try to start a war in the Golan Heights
- Israel will take a position much closer to Russia and Washington's influence will fail

- Will be rocked by Riots
- No invasion this year

- NATO (mostl or the European) forces will start to withdraw in big numbers considering it a lost war (USA & UK stay)

Pakistan & India
- Will start war late spring and later make peace

- Look for US / Chinese relations to be down right hostile by the end of 2009
(due to dollar, U.S. is hyper inflating its way out of the U.S. debt that China holds)

- As the dollar falls to hyper inflation, the Yen will be seen, by the second half of 2009, as the standard barer of Asian stability and success and will come to replace the dollar as the dominant power in that portion of the world.

Source: Pravda.ru