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Rabbi Wolf Gunther Plaut (born 1912), former president of Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) and Chaief Rabbi at Toronto’s Holy Blossom Temple, died last month. In his 1990 book, ‘The Man Who Would Be Messiah‘, Plaut wrote that Frankist Jews were responsible for the Holocaust. The book’s ‘Forward’ was written by no other than Elie Weisel, the father of ‘holocaust culture’. Weisel did not disagree with Rabbi Plaut. The book is biography of Polish Rabbi Ya’akov Frank (1726-1791), who claimed being the biblical Messiah of Jews and thus part of Trinity.

Jerry Rabow in his book ’50 Jewish Messiahs’ has documented the stories of 50 Jewish men and women who claimed being the ‘Promised Messiah’ during their life. One of them even killed a Pope, while another was saved by a Pope by hidding him in Vatican during the Inquisition.

Frankist, also known as ‘Crypto-Jews’, are found in high places in both Christian and Muslim world – pretending to be Christians, Muslims, humanists, communists and atheists. Turkey has the highest population of ‘Crypto-Jews’ in the Muslim world. Some historians have claimed that these ‘Crypto-Jews’ were behind the Armenian genocide, in which nearly 1.5 million Christians were killed.

According to Rabbi Wolf Gunther Plaut, the Messiah Frank regarded Jews as a “barrier to the New World Order (NWO)”. Frank, in fact hated all three Abrahamic (Hebrew, Christianity and Islam) religions. However, in order to deceive the followers of those religions, Frankists subscribed to every religion and ideology (Communism, Nazism, Zionism, Capitalism and Socialism). Nazi Germany even commemorated Nazi-Zionism collaboration by minting a gold coin in honor of SS leader Baron Mildenstein’s visit to British Mandate Palestine in 1934.

Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy wrote: “Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races and by the establishment of a world rpublicin which everywhere the Jews will excercise the privilege of citizenship,” quoted to Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, page 574.

Canadian Jewish academic, Henry Makow PhD, wrote on March 21, 2012, that Sen. John Kerry who pretended he was an Irish Catholic, when in fact his father was a Frankist Jew (who worked for CIA) and his mother a Forbes. Henry also claimed that President Barack Obama’s mother may have been a Frankist/Illuminati Jewess. – and the English Rothschilds who marry non-Jews yet pretend to be Jews.

“Moreover, Churchill, FDR and Stalin were also Illuminati or Frankist Jews. So you can see how the Second World War could have been contrived partly to fulfill Frank’s goal of exterminating the Jewish people,” wrote Henry Makow.

Rabbi Wolf Gunther Plaut was born in Germany. He came to Toronto in 1961 after serving as a US Army Chaplain during the WW II and a rabbi in Chicago and St. Paul in the United States. He was rabbi at the Holy Blossom Temple on Bathurst St. until 1977. Plaut is author of 25 books.

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