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When one speaks today of giants, it means soon people suffering from the nasty disease: acromegaly. This is caused by overproduction of growth hormone: somatotrophin and ensure that certain body parts or the whole body, continues to grow. In yet young people grew giant growth occurs for up to 2.50 meters long. The most famous Dutchman with acromegaly is Carelshaven Struck. This is Known as the butler Lurch in The Addams Family. He also appears repeatedly in the science fiction series Star Trek.

But that is not what I wanted now. There are many incredible stories of giants to rise over 4 meters. The emerging giants in the stories of ancient peoples on earth. Around the Mediterranean Sea, to the Indians in North America and Canada, South America, Tibet and Australia. In the mythologies of East and West in the myths about Tiahuanacu and the epic of the Norsemen and Inuit programs. But in the Bible is no less than seventeen times on this. The story of David who defeated the giant Goliath is it the most. The Greeks and the Romans mentioned of blood from the sky into the lap of Gaya (the earth) was. This was the terrifying giant sex of the Titans. The ancient Chaldeans were talking about the giant Irdubar, India said one of the Danawa and Daita and Ceylon of Rakshasa, thus only a few examples. Represent simply the desire of the human mind to supernatural power, or have they really exist?

The 'science'

Some scientists, who are in the phenomenon of the giants have deepened, came with the statement that there are no giants in the earth have been. The giant megalithic buildings were the work of ordinary people have. They, with the necessary effort, the huge coal steers with fist axes from the rocks and minced with wooden levers and rollers to the place of destination. This oermensen delivered, according to them, so performance which these days are not matched.

There are also scholars who believe that there are giants in the earth have walked around. But not in time to the Bible and other ancient writings messages, but at the time of the giant reptiles, about 135 million years ago. They attribute the giant forms to cosmic rays of the sun or an increased attraction of the moon that the people reached a length of five meters. The remarkable phenomenon of the abnormal growth would be stopped when the moon a different position to the earth was going to take millions of years ago.

This kind of statements are in no way consistent with what is really on earth has played. As said there are a lot of eyewitness reports from the most diverse cultures together all agree. The giants were on earth, not millions of years ago, but relatively recent, in Biblical times. Different traditions, not merely the Bible, say that the first giant creatures were good but that a rapid degeneration of evil had been over quickly. That would be the reason why they are often in old writings are depicted as evil, enemies of the people but sometimes from each other. In the Scandinavian mythology, for example, the giants who live in Utgard the arch enemies of the Asgard resident giants. They often cause great distress and deep misery and sometimes they even showed cannibalistic tendencies, as the Indians of North America and Canada in their traditions tell. Also in Greek mythology is the story of famous people eating Chronopost who devoured his own children, and the Homeric Cyclops also a taste for human flesh had.

Some people believe that the giants of the ancestors of the people have been convicted while others ascribe them to all creation. This is not surprising since many natural features of the earth such as oceans, mountains and ravines for the simple-minded man is forced to point to a creator of huge dimensions. In England are fanciful stories about how hills valleys and other features of a landscape formed by giants who opwierpen large quantities of earth and huge boulders in the sea threw. Additionally refer the Anglo-Saxons in their old verses also to real giants who inhabited England would have for their own future. This corresponds more closely to reality as evidenced by the many megalithic stone structures across England to find.

The Facts

As mentioned, the information appears on giants in ancient writings and stories, anywhere on earth. Let me start with a list of the writings. If Arab writers reveal that the first sanctuaries of Baal and Astarte in Baalbek by a race of giants is built.

The Andes Mountains

The Tiahuanacu city in the Andes in South America, shows in its chaotic ruins the tracks of an architecture that clearly comes from an era of giants with a very high technical ability. Sixty ton giant wall stones are placed on top of one hundred tons of stone blocks weighing. The stones appear as if they are polished with a giant plane. The image below is the famous Sun Gate.

The findings and the precision with which the work is done, there are scholars fresh counts. What makes the matter even more mysterious is that some of the huge stone blocks in the ruins of Tiahuanacu found, from a quarry on 320 kilometers away. Beautiful archaeological verzinsels as wooden levers and rollers that may not be used.


In the ancient city of Ollantaytambo, Peru, are carved stone blocks from 3.5 to 5 feet. These huge stones were from a seven miles of the quarry site removed minced.

The fortress of Sacsehuaman in Peru, surrounded by a wall 20 meters high, which contains stones of more than 200 tonnes. In the vicinity of this fort has been found that rocks vitrification showed that a number of scholars can only be due to the melting of rock at very high temperatures. The giants knew the technique of melting of rocks? Sacsehuaman was already ancient before the Incas, the scene appeared. A granite block of eleven feet high and eighteen meters wide so that the rock appears to be dislocated, a rectangular block of 2.16 meters high and 3.40 meters wide, as if cut with a hot knife through butter was gone, so totally These rectangular blocks.

The current Indian residents in the vicinity of Tiahuanacu tell the city by a variety of unknown giants is built in time for the coming of the flood water. The inhabitants were intelligent descendants of heavenly guests who had mixed with earthly women. They were the "Sons of the Sun" and had a light complexion. "Con-Tiki-Viracocha was a son of the Sunday According to tradition it was the temple city Tiahuanacu built. The discovery of a series of human skulls from three meters long skeletons, confirming that once in the past giants lived. These giants were able giant stone without any effort to move.

One of the most exciting discoveries is the miles of subterranean tunnels and rooms as big as airplane hangars. The local Indians tell them that large parts of South America by walking. Four cave researchers discovered evidence in a couple of Indians such a tunnel complex. This was closed with a door made of a rock album, 8 meters high, 5 meters wide and 2.5 meters thick. We knew this fabulous door finally opened after it was discovered that he scharnierde on stone beads in a bed of water. Behind the door was a powerful piece, whose floor and walls looked like they were polished. In a huge hall were chairs and tables full of unknown composition. Behind the chairs was a large collection of gold sculptures of animals, where Sauriërs, elephants, monkeys and cats, and so on. The makers of these tunnels and bays techniques have dominated even in our time can not be matched. The Inca's telling that all of this by a race of giants is built. They would at the same time as people have lived. Two of these giants are named namely Atlan and Theitani.


In Chile, the mysterious plateau of El Enladrillado, newly re-discovered in 1968. The scene as we discovered here claimed for any archaeological mystery. The ground is covered with hundreds of rectangular stone blocks extremely smooth finish. They are 5 meters high and seven to ten meters long. Of these 233 blocks are arranged in the form of what at first glance seems an amphitheater. What an extraordinary creatures must have been that these blocks have been cut and as accurately completed. And how they managed to steer the coal such as unapproachable place this plateau it?

In a museum in Peru are 15,000 engraved stones which include thousands of years of history. They show Sauriërs of inscriptions, together with people of surgeons who are working with a heart operation, of galaxies and many other sciences. According to Dr. Darquea Cabrera, manager of the library, tribes these stones from the time of the deluge.

What to say of the stone people to see, together with Sauriërs? Is that proof that they have lived in the same time? According to the official science is absolutely impossible because the Sauriërs already 135 million years ago would have been extinct. But if that is true, how could the people of the flood these animals show without ever have seen?

The Ugha-Mongulala Indians who live there where the Amazon river begins to tell in their "Chronicle of Akakor" that the earth through what they call "gods" was colonized a second time for the world catastrophe. (Deluge?) They tell here about the following: "The people has to respect the powerful aliens when they came because they were really powerful and incomprehensible to the ordinary mortal. They knew the course of the stars and the laws of nature. Indeed, the higher was their wereldwet known. The temple towns they built, as Akakor and wonderful subterranean dwellings for the people of the Mongulala always remained a mystery. Their structures show a higher knowledge, incomprehensible to the people. They had magic stones to be seen in the distance. They were really powerful. "

Costa Rica

In Central America, Costa Rica is an archaeological sensation where no one satisfactory answer to know. There are in the middle of the jungle, high mountains and deltas of rivers, some hundreds of artificial balls with a diameter of 2.5 meters. The main one has found weighing 16 tonnes. These balls are perfectly round in shape, so ball around, they never without mechanical devices can be. Indeed, nowadays it is still not possible to make such spheres with an equally perfect balance. Nowhere in the region has found a reference where these bulbs can be made. There are researchers who have raised the hypothesis that these bulbs are scale models of planets in our solar system, and some major constellations. The accuracy of the spheres suggests that the makers an adequate knowledge of the geometry must have been very effective and technical resources.

There is some archaeologists an explanation for this phenomenon given that only for very naïve audience. The balls were huge by the natives as long in river beds are rolled back and forth until they were completely surrounding ground. The current population of Costa Rica holds no surrender that can provide clarity about the creators of the spheres.

Slightly further north, in the former habitat of the giant heads Olmeken are a number of size of 5.5 meters. These are spread in a large area around La Venta. So far nobody has succeeded in the largest specimens of their policies, let alone carry. The makers of these heads had apparently no problem with the weight because we have discovered that they come from a quarry near Tuxla, a hundred miles away which also has a more current time should be put on. So there are objects that were found at this time unable to move. However, the makers of them were in the distant past. Nobody knows how the journey has taken place, but it was undoubtedly using a technique that is alien to us and completely unsuited to the performance that some archaeologists have the technical resources of the ancients. The headers show features of a completely unknown race. The current residents describe as representing the heads of foreign "fighters" from the world space.


In Acamabaro, a town in Mexico, in 1945, the German Waldemar Julsrud a rare discovery that may be mentioned. He discovered in excavations at the foot of the Sierra Madre, a total of 32,000 ceramic figurines of a completely unknown style. The figurines to animals including Sauriërs, Reptiles, Camels, and human figures. The Sauriërs be accompanied by people in a good relationship with these animals seem to live. Various prehistorici who investigated the case concluded that the statues of very recent date, ie deception, undertaken by the Mexican Odilon Tinajero and his sons. A scheme to assume, however, is folly because it would Tinajero's an incredible imagination and must have had a thorough knowledge of zoology and paleontology, to name but a few examples. No, the images should be a time that the Sauriërs still lived on the earth. In addition, laboratory research, after repeated trials that they are thousands of years old. The figurines of this Acambaro were authenticated, but the "high priests" of archeology continued to discredit them. Well, it's that or admit that you can not explain.

In Teotihuacan, in Mexico, one of the great "Solar Temple" an unusually large number of human bones found by the legend of the Toltecs and Aztecs confirm that a nation of giants lived in Teotihuacan. The Toltecs spoke of the "Big makers" as they talked about the wonderful architecture of Teotihuacan.

The Maya

Another popular in this part of the world were the Mayans. The South American Mayans believed that before the great flood a giant sex on earth alive. The religion of this nation was governed by Kukulcan, a white god from the sky had come to the people to teach in various sciences. The Maya book "Popol Vuh" tells us that this Kukulcan or a mother or a father had. No women have him bearded, it was a miracle that he was created. The history of the Maya is a series of wonderful performances and technical evidence of a grandeur that is hard to contain. They were masters of astronomy, medical knowledge and they were unlikely precisely balding Aryan prophecies. The question of where they come from this knowledge had to be answered in a 112-page book in which pictures of giant humans.

According to James Ward Church, author of the book "The continent of Lemuria" was the realm of the Maya for a long time under the administration of beings from the sky that the "Katchina-beings" mentioned.

Hopi Indians

The aforementioned Katchina's also in the traditions of the Hopi Indians who today still live in the southwest of the United States. These Indians say that the old world miraculously powerful men, not real people, but spiritual beings living in the stars had come. They taught the people many things from generation to generation were transferred. The Hopi tell the particular story that these creatures could also travel by air on what they call "Patuwvotas. The Katchina would also miles of underground tunnels have been constructed in a way that normal people was totally incomprehensible.

Discoveries of ancient ruins and skeletons of giants and the study of Indian legends, have contributed to the view that the so-called history-free continent North America, a very interesting past should have known. Hundreds of crackpots hills in the form of cones and soil drawings only from the air could be seen, decorate the landscape. Vitrified ruins and ruined cities are also a rare appearance as they occur in almost all areas of the United States where the deserts predominate. In Death Valley on the border of California and Nevada are finding remnants of cities that have been burnt and vitrified. The destruction occurred in this heat must have been so intense that large stone blocks are melted. Only with laser or a nuclear bomexplosie is such a high degree of heat to reach. The whole area between the rivers Gila and San Juan is covered with ruins. You can find the remains of cities that once by a great catastrophe of thermo-nuclear reactions must be destroyed. Geologists say that the desert in America never by nature can become so because they look too bizarre. Also believe that the mysterious ruins scattered from Southern California to Colorado traces that are impossible by a natural disaster may be caused. Everything seems in this part of the world to deviate from a normal expected practice. The science, the findings are suspect and should not have, despite the fact that the amazing variety of unexplained discoveries to prove it. For example, in Pennsylvania, found skulls of horned giants. In Minnesota in a mound skeletons found in creatures with a double row of teeth in bottom and upper jaw. Remains of giants are found everywhere on earth and North America is no exception.

The Haid Indians on Charlotte Islands in Canada say that even in a distant past "Great wise men" of the stars were large fiery signs. The Navajos tell of beings that came from heaven. The Sioux Indians tell many moons far into the past of their forefathers, a big wheel in the sky fell down. The radiated as heat from the hub and starred as the stars. The winds blew frightening when the mighty wheel on the Medicine Mountain fell down. Dead Bang villagers ran away. When they were a good distance and omkeken increased the wheel again "as a wild duck in the bushes and was never seen. The Indians of the North West Coast know stories of huge flying machines that remained under water. The Tootoosh Indians have traditions that powerful beings on Thursday Birds came to earth. Canadian Indians, that once in a distant past, a great war raged between the "celestial beings" in birds Thursday. The fight had played in an area of large forests and pastures. They tell that there were demons and that they cause terrible destruction. Everything was destroyed and the cities destroyed.

In 1887 discovered four gold in a hilly area in Spring Valley in Nevada, the remains of a giant man. Research showed that these giant 3.65 long should have been. This discovery and other discovery of human choice that were three times as large as the choice of a normal man, caused much swell in the scientific world. All these things would not be found. We know there are simply not to do because giants simply not fit into the myth that evolution theory is. And what the ancient writings tell them about science course may have no role to play.

In North Carolina, the Tennessee River, discovered the footprints of a giant with six toes. This apparently also lived in Arizona because it was a group of workmen in a sarcophagus, which emerge when the foundations of a building uitgroeven, one human being three meters long with six toes on his feet. (See also 2 Samuel 21:20)


It is strange but most of these discoveries by the scientists systematically ignored or denied. The Delaware Indians have a tradition that says that the area east of the Mississippi was once inhabited by a race of giants in huge cities and fortifications lived. In Minnesota and several other places the bones of giants found with a length of 2.50 meters up to 3.75 meters. In Nevada, many dozens of red haired mummies were found. The local Piute Indians tell stories about the giants they are described as cannibals. The buried dead of the night by Piute were redheads met from their graves and eaten.

In a mound in Ohio was in 1891 excavated the skeleton of a giant copper and armor. On his head he wore a brass helmet with brass casings also around its jaws. The arms were coated with copper as well as his chest and abdomen. On either side of the head had been that a buyer was packed. His mouth was filled with large pearls and around his neck hung a necklace of teeth also calculated with pearls was inserted. In an excavation in the vicinity of Toledo (Ohio) discovered 20 skeletons, which were twice as long as the length of an adult man. (Chicago Record, October 24, 1895) In a stone mound at Brewer Ville in Indiana was in 1879 a skeleton excavated from a giant with a length of 3.20 meters. The skeleton was wearing a necklace and mica in the feet was a crude statue of a man from baked clay. In Lovelock, Nevada in 1931 several miners found mummies with a length of 2.50 to 3.10 meters. Off the coast of North America, near Bimini, did Professor Manson Valentine, a famous archaeologist, a sensational discovery. He was under a wall of water hundreds of meters long, built of stone blocks with a length of 5 meters. Later there appeared a whole city on the sea bed to lie. Elsewhere in the world has remains of megalithic cities found on the seabed. These cities have during the deluge by the water verzwolgen.


Not only the American continent has its secrets about the presence of giants. In Europe, hundreds of relics that tell the story of their presence in this part of the world. From Sweden to the island of Malta signs in a large arc along the coasts of Western Europe many mysterious circles, temples and menhirs off. They are on hills, moors and in open places in forests. Stonhenge in southern England, Carnac in France and the megalithic structures on Malta are all these monuments is the most impressive. At first it all seems simple stone blocks but in reality, the ingenious monuments whose construction should be very well prepared. Apart from the influence of man, the ravages of time have little impact on it. And they are now just as big yesterday. An exact count is not exact, but it must have been an estimated 50,000.

They are in 19th century called megaliths received an Englishman, promulgator of the even crackpots as unfounded theory that the structures of relatively recent date, they would. Countless stones in the course of time flooded by the sea, as the Menhirs in the Gulf of Morbihan, or destroyed by humans. This was in the middle of the 19th century in France the rumor that gold had been hidden in the menhirs. Huge ripped the gold out with pick axes and heavy hammers. But it was nothing. The remains of this battle for the gold are scattered. Other expected oysters were Christians. They saw in the old monuments, the remains of thousands of years of superstition. She wrote the coal steers to the devil and set the task to them in the ground to make. Many menhirs have also served as a building material for houses and roads. If we take into account all lost monuments shows the megalith a good part of at least twelve European countries are covered.

It must, as there with thousands distributed at regular intervals along the coasts of Europe were a fantastic and unique spectacle were. Circles, menhirs, dolmens, tombs and temples alternate in the landscape. And then there is the abundance of spiral-shaped ornaments, slashes and other geometric motifs, the monoliths here and there adorn Gravrinis like on the island in the Gulf of Morbihan. This area off the coast of Bretange have archaeologists discovered a burial chamber of enormous dimensions which undoubtedly must have been a giant. Always has one surprise on the origin and meaning of the strange structures. The question of who created them and for what purpose, provided the same considerations and conflict issues as any other mysterious discoveries on Earth. The mystery is even greater when we think about all the work it involved and the fact that the megaliths not be on this earth are put together but that they meet a particular purpose.

In the Middle Ages saw there the work of witches and giants. In rationalistischer times it was customary for them to write to the Druids. After serious investigations showed that they have a lot of centuries existed before the Kelt first introduced in Europe did. Some researchers thought that the megaliths were copies of much nicer buildings from the Middle East and Greece, they also brought in connection with the buildings of the Maya. But as yet no evidence to support these theories has been the mystery remained unsolved.

Again and again we encounter the same questions. Who has created these monuments, where and for what purpose? Stonehenge in England is one of those big question marks. Archaeological finds in the vicinity thereof, the question about who the builders have been made any easier because they testify that the earliest inhabitants of this region, farmers were only available on the primitiefste tools and techniques. But some scholars believe that these people have created huge buildings.


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