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On Wednesday, standing next to Hillary Clinton, Egyptian foreign minister Mohammed Kamal Amr announced that both the Zionist regime and Gaza government (Hamas) have agreed to a cease-fire to end a week long Israeli airstrikes (1500 air-raids) and rockets (1400) fired by Palestinian resistance fighters in retaliation.

Zionist defense minister Ehud Barak claimed it a victory for Israel while prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned both Washington and Hamas that the Zionist regime has not abandoned its option of using ground invasion if Gazan fired another batch of rockets.

To add more sweetener to the agreement, Hillary Clinton, tried to fool the world by saying the ceasefire would be good for both Israelis and Palestinians. Barack Obama, on his part praised Netanyahu on Wednesday for his desire for peace in the region.

Ignoring the chest-beating of Israeli leaders and their western Zionist poodles - one ‘anti-Semitic’ question bothers me. Since both Obama and Hillary had insisted that Hamas started the war and Israeli actions were defensive – and the Jewish pilots were pounding Palestinian civilians with no mercy – then why Hillary traveled all the way to Cairo to twist Morsi’s arms to convince Hamas government to stop firing rockets into Israel which even reached Tel Aviv? Let us not forget – the 2008 Israeli agression for similar reasons – continued for 23 days and failed to defeat or demoralized Hamas or Islamic Jihad.

The sketchy details of the cease-fire agreement leaked out paints a total different picture. It seems, the US-Israel attack on Gaza has failed to achieve its intended purpose. Britain’s Chief Rabbi, Lord Sack, told BBC earlier that the US-Israel attack on Gaza was directed at Iran. The agreement shows that Hamas has forced the Zionist regime to agree to almost all of its demands; open all crossings, lift six year old blockade of Gaza and stop target assassinations of Hamas leaders – and in return the Gazan freedom-fighters promised not to kill the ‘peace-loving’ Israelis in retaliation.

How Hamas and Islamic Jihad achieved this unexpected miracle? According to Israeli press – through Iranian short-range missiles which Islamic Jihad used in downing of F-16, first-ever attacks on Tel Aviv, IOF jeep and shelling of an Israeli battleship. It seems, Hamas leadership, influenced by its newly found allies among the so-called “Sunny moderates” (Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Jordan), may have abandoned military resistance – but Islamic Jihad is still committed to military resistance and its very close relations with Iran and Hizballah. Its leader Ramadan Shallah, during a conference, repeatedly referred to the pursuit of the liberation of all of Palestine and affirmed that the resistance would continue to arm itself. He also asserted that the cease-fire had no time frame and as such, would enable the resistance group to recover and rebuild its deterrant strength.

Israeli daily Ha’aretz reported on November 22 that Zionist defense minister Gen. Ehud Barak told Netanyahu to stop the attack while foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman wanted to invade Gaza with 30,000 ground force to match resistnce’s military gains. Netanyahu after losing his ‘matcho image’ – was desperate to save his face.

Some American commentors has called the cease-fire as Obama’s “sweet revenge”!

Personally, I believe, the US-Israel latest fiasco has accomplished in stitching together a divided leadership and people together around a common cause. It has brought pro-USrael Mahmoud Abbas and Salam Fayaad closer to anti-Assad-Hizballah Khaled Meshaal and pro-Iran Ismail Haniyah.

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