Open letter to all MSM (Main Stream Media) Journalists

Monday, November 23, 2009

This letter is a translated version of a letter, on the 11th of October 2009 was sent to journalists working for media in Sweden and has since been widely distributed to a very rapidly growing in Sweden anti-vaccinatie/-NWO-beweging . See Source

All journalists working in the Netherlands.
The Beer is los!. Your employer Your employer employers are unmasked unmasked. Your employer employers employer is exposed. The bear is loose!. The truth is for you. The greatest crime against humanity in modern times takes place right before our eyes - and you, all Dutch journalists, are silent .. I repeat: The greatest crime against humanity in the modern period now takes place before our eyes - and you're silent!?

All journalists working in the Netherlands with this letter, I would say you have a choice. Either you start immediately, and I mean immediately report what is really happening in this country and around the world - otherwise, as of today, you will be regarded as accomplices to this almost unimaginably horrible crime against people and against Dutch the people of the entire planet.

I repeat: All journalists working in the Netherlands, or you begin immediately to report what's really going on in the world, or else you will be considered an enemy of the people of Netherlands. Passivity is no longer an option. Silence is no longer an option. Propaganda is no longer an option. Misinformation is no longer an option. As of today, Thursday, November 19, 2009, you begin to write, tell and show what the truth is!

Your employer, the corporate media in the Netherlands and around the world, are under the control of the most diabolical international crime syndicate that has ever existed! We know they have hijacked your media. Newspapers, TV stations, radio, and all those other lackeys of evil - that we know now, be used as the central propaganda unit in the Netherlands, for the most cynical conspiracy that humanity has ever seen.

We know that this plot stretching from Wall Street, the White House, to the World "Health" Organization, the UN, the European Union, the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, the next meeting in Copenhagen, to media moguls, the leading banks in the world, top politicians, within the Dutch government, banks, the press, the Ministry of Health Affairs, and similar institutions around the world.

I understand that it sounds boring, but this is nothing compared to how things will be unpleasant if we do not absolutely seriously. Right now. Today. Absolutely serious! This is not funny, not to road waving, not to ignore. The crime is now underway for our eyes is one of the most horrific yet refined, conspiracies ever - unless you and I immediate action - leads to immense pain and suffering for us and future generations, more than we ever have imagine! In the event you choose to call it a crazy conspiracy theory without informing yourself about what's really going on in the world and yourself is a crime against humanity.

The fraud is proven. We know what is going on. The majority of people in the Netherlands and around the world are not aware of the things under way, but there are plenty of people who are aware of, and therefore repeat this ultimatum: As of today, November 19, 2009, You'll start working on the transfer of the truth about the swine flu vaccine and mass vaccination for all people in the Netherlands.

If you refuse to comply with this requirement, then I, and all others who are aware of what is going on, and all those who in the near future to begin to understand you - for the rest of your career, for the rest of your life - take responsibility for the sidelines and do nothing else than to observe, while this vile crime took place.

Dutch journalists, it is your job to the power to investigate. It is your responsibility to notify us when they abuse their power. It is your job to the people about current events. At this time you do your work. This will result in fatal consequences, unless you are immediately going to do what you're supposed to do and what to do.
Although I hope that you come to its senses, that is not something I expected, nor trust. Many have started to "Vaccination News". This coverage is often not as fancy as the media formats you work, but it's about something that people need now more then ever. The truth about the swine flu vaccine and mass vaccination.
Links to these daily reports on the Mexican flu:

Mexicaanse griep: wel of niet vaccineren? - Home
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The Jane Burgermeister website - investigating the swine flu pandemic
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Eerlijke informate over ernstige complicaties na vaccinatie | meerwetenoverfreek.nl
Prik mij maar lek - homepage
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The most dangerous thing we can do now is wait until someone else takes action. We should start house in order. You must begin to put things. Currently we have a great communication tool, the Internet. We need to start take advantage .. Thanks to the internet, we communicate directly, by sending links, videos, documents and articles. It is very important that we exploit the communicative freedoms. It is equally important that we disseminate information to governments, the mainstream media and all those in power want to keep away from us, as much as possible and as quickly as possible.

Communicate with the people around you, both in daily life and on the Internet. Talk to each other, discuss, ask questions, think critically, share ideas and links from, post information on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, in the various forums, and spread the word that our future is at stake now and do it in all possible respects. Every day that passes, more of our freedoms are taken away, both the Web and in our communities, without which most of us even notice .. If we as winners in this battle to come, we must exercise our rights and use up all our communications. Now, now, immediately.

Many do not realize how serious the situation where we have arrived. Let us be clear: our lives are at stake, as the lives of our children and grandchildren is at stake. If you have ever wondered how it could happen that Hitler, 70 years ago, could come to power 10 years long and the whole world could terrorize him without anyone in the slightest way to study history do not put just to you look around enough, now, today in your own life. So when it happened, and if it happens again.

One of the great questions of this century is whether humankind has learned from the mistakes that were made mid century? ... If we stand silent and blind to the truth, ignorant, obedient to authority, intellectually and emotionally mesmerized the other way while watching the most powerful people on earth humanity maneuvers in the ravine, as if we were a herd of stupid sheep are easy?

Stemvee, klapvee, stupid cattle, so that people think about us! As if we are slaves their stupid. And it is up to us whether we will accept, and that is what we have done in recent centuries. If we finally, once and for all realize that we all want Super Beings, and therefore the power, force and resources on our planet that a very small group of criminals has appropriated back to our requirements. I hope so, and I know. If journalists do not dare to write what is really going on in the world, we, all people, you accountable for the immense suffering of our friends, families and ourselves by your silence. Make no mistake Exact now, as you read you the choice to make.

The truth is for you And the whole story will be brought to light. Clear and true. As a journalist you think you can get away with it by remaining silent, think again. If you think your responsibility to someone else can slide off, think again. If you think you're powerless, think again. You must do your work as a journalist!

Before I continue, allow me to communicate to the many employees and managers end of the Main Stream Media.
We know you miserable, pathetic ashtrays, lap dogs are an international criminal organization that aims right now the people of this country and every country to poison. We know you boys are of course the most criminal criminals the world has ever known, because you just reporting on what you instructed, and only say what they want you to say, and just shows us what they want to show.

If I use the word Marie Antoin-Nette, Louis the 16th, 1793, and guillotine-pronounceable which evokes images in your small brain corrupt? As one of the MSM hoernalisten the flikt for 1 more times misleading information about the H1N1 vaccine to make, even if 1 of you tell a lie about the extensive mass-vaccination, if any of you continue to evade some governments and leaders everywhere on this planet deliberately hidden to keep the people, if any of you continue to proclaim the illusion that all is well and us not to worry. If you continue from now lie, deceive and disposals formation of the entire population, you will pay them a very high price.

To each of us, I want you to answer the following 2 questions:
1 Where are you loyal to? The people who see your program or the most heinous criminals on this earth?
2 Who gets the jobs?

Now back to journalism. I think many of you, since some time, know that something strange is going on. I think many of you used as a tool for propaganda machine, and that TV and other media resources are intensive indoctrination of the population brings about. I also think that many of you have studied what is happening, and to some extent journalistic work done. But for some reason, silent you, all. I think you can write about serious issues. I think you are afraid to be fired when you start writing about what you meant to write about. I think even some of you are threatened, and that is unfortunate. But if you think that an acceptable excuse for your silence, then think again!

If you do not break through silence, you will-if all this convenience, which happens very soon, so the entire population of anger on your neck that you have achieved now also keeps the truth to report a total of pale.

That you dare to call himself a journalist is in itself already an unprecedented disgrace. At this moment you are no more than slavish hookers, prostitutes with pen and almost no reason to believe that the world economy to harness soap helps Obama in the White House has placed there gave him the Nobel Peace Prize while his policy throughout the world is rape, which kontenlikker with his criminal cronies the biggest heist in the history of mankind secured by the taxpayer hundreds of billions to pay for a so-called "incentive package" to the same bankers criminals the crash of the economy from day one scene have put in there and made sure that friendly governments around the world did the same (including the traitors within the government in our country) and the Austrian laboratory-in-one bird flu, swine flu and ordinary let mix until the flu virus called H1N1, which also far in advance the vaccine which they claim that it protects against genetically engineered (made) virus, and what they have left loose on the world.

They invented the lie that it is totally new and unknown virus was first demonstrated in Mexican pigs, they invented the lie that the "swine flu deadly to humans. They invented the lie that we are dealing with a global pandemic, they have utterly ridiculous reasons the WHO (in their hands) to decide the highest level 6 pandemic to implement, so the nearly 200 countries follow the WHO advice , to begin mass vaccination could no safeguards in any form. Which follow and that is where we are today, "martial law" (emergency law) in all countries of the world so that the whole world is forced to be vaccinated, followed by an injection with the aim of the human immune system to attack and by doing so in step with this biological weapon - a world where genocide to implement than the creators of this plan in achieving a global, fascist, totalitarian, dictatorship to implement and which the UN (which of them is) the center of power for the new world government. Since both the vaccination and murders the financial crisis raid "mankind must weaken so that it is unable to rise up.

All this is doing the criminal mastermind behind all this is able to consolidate its dominant position while the misguided masses in the position to keep slaves ignorant. That is the truth, and this is their plan, and the MSM is silent in all languages.
Fortunately there are still real journalists in this world. One of them is Jane Burg Meister, and she was the one who first gave evidence for this horrible diabolical plot that is currently taking place over the world. All information is available to everyone, including you, and you still silent The evidence is confirmed again and again and again and yet again reaffirmed.

Every day that passes, the plot develops, and the resistance grows every day and you journalists stop this madness. You should be ashamed to break. How can you have your kids in the eye? How can you even contemplate himself in the mirror? The integrity of msm journalists in recent years as woefully degraded, while your job is to condemn such abuses and to bring to the attention, therefore you are no more than a dirty filthy smelly rat.

If you do this off as conspiracy nonsense and aluminum hats, but without even looking at the facts, make themselves enemies of the people! It is your job to gather information, investigate, and ask questions, but if you do not even look at, and nothing to say, not even dare to look, you are no more than an accomplice of this sickly rotten incredibly small group of super criminals for centuries mankind tortures and even centuries will continue.

To you about the most basic information about all of this reading, you Jane Burg Meister's summary of the charges read in this link: Summary of the "swine flu" criminal case = 56 & lang = en

If you understandably think this sounds too unbelievable to be true, you can go through the proof reading.
As an example, you can use the two-part statement of the WHO in 1972 read what is about how a vaccine in three steps in changing a deadly weapon by first weakening the immune system, then a large dose of virus in the weakened body spray, to adjuvant with a chain reaction eventually causing your body which exploded as it were, which is called a cytokine storm. This statement is read here: http://theflucase.com/downloads/WHO_Memo_1_searchable.pdf

Then you can look at the patent application for the swine flu vaccine that Baxter submitted well before the complete unknown flu virus suddenly appeared in Mexico: http://www.theoneclickgroup.co.uk/documents/vaccines/Baxter Vaccine Patent Application.pdf

Baxter is also the company in an Austrian laboratory, the "swine flu virus" created in February earlier this year and 72 kg incorrectly labeled contaminated vaccine material sent to laboratories around the world to spread the virus. The evidence, and much more can be read in the 134 page document by Jane Burgermeister, where she joins sufficient evidence showing that the swine flu vaccine and mass vaccination part of a highly complex plan to commit genocide.

The suspects are (among others): Barack Obama (President, USA), David Nabarro (coordinator of Influenza, UN), Margaret Chan (WHO Director-General), Robert Parkinson (CEO, Baxter International), Daniel Vassella (CEO, Novartis International), Andrew Witty (CEO, Glaxo Smith Kline), George W. Bush (Former President, USA), Bill Gates (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation), Kathleen Sibelius (Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services), Janet Napolitano (Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security), David de Rothschild (Banker) , David Rockefeller (Banker), George Soros (banker) and Alois Stöger (Minister of Health, Austria). This document can be found here: http://theflucase.com/downloads/Evidence_of_the_use_of_pandemic_flu_to_depopulate_USA.pdf

It is also worth reading the complaints filed with the FBI. The defendants are (among others): WHO, the UN and the pharmaceutical companies Novartis and Baxter. You can find this document here: http://theflucase.com/downloads/Criminal_Charges_FBI-US.pdf

Would you cut the address from a different angle, here is a list of more than 75 links together and referring to various video, audio, news and important documents related to this. All this information is freely available with a few clicks of your mouse, and can be found here: The Information War: Mainstream Media vs Truth - Swine Flu, Vaccine, Mass Vaccinations | word m world - aphorisms, poetry, philosophy & art by mikis mazarakis

On this page you will find, among many other things, the following documentary about a swine flu virus, a vaccine, a corporate media propaganda campaign and a massive coverup. This may sound the same as what's going on - and yes, it is very familiar, except that it took place in 1976 and was a forerunner of what would come later, and what has now come. Http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_9I1L_P370

You can, for example, listen to an audio recording of the incredibly influential, but unknown to many people, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) - which works closely with the U.S. government, where they discuss how the mainstream media should provide a misleading picture scarcity of the question to enter. One tactic that is used by corporate media, both in Sweden, Germany, the United States and many other parts of the world.

Or, you can not listen to a corrupt Minister for Health and the swine flu vaccine, which is from Poland Ewa Kopacz. What do you say to this minister Klink? It is hoped that you can swim mister Oosterhuis. Bunch volksverlakkers Who take your orders?

Where are you, Prime Minister Balkenende? We know you know what is going on. We know you a little pathetic puppet of the Bilderberg gang are.

Here is a message to you and everyone who is affected: Your days are numbered. You're done. Finito. Goodbye.

To all those other cowards who call themselves politicians, whatever party you belong - you are all wet. None of you has the courage to stand up and tell the truth to the Dutch people. And that's why you're finished. The time has come when people will realize that you just idiots, wipes, and its confused clowns who get their kick out of watching and controlling other people.

Back to the journalists. You can also read an article about a certain Joseph Moshe, a microbiologist at the Mossad, in a desperate attempt to bring the truth to a radio show called and said a virus was created in a laboratory Baxter in Ukraine, which would be used as a biological weapon. Shortly thereafter, the U.S. intelligence arrested him, saying he had threatened to bomb the White House with one. Since then, nobody heard from him. You can read more about this, here: Joseph Moshe (MOSSAD Microbiologist): “Swine flu vaccine is bioweapon”

And when we the situation in Ukraine develops in mind, completely ignored by the media, the Moshe particularly interesting case. Http://www.infowars.com/reported-cases-of-mystery- flu-in-ukraine-double-in-two-days /
Jane Burger Meisters own homepage, which is of inestimable value, can be found here: The Jane Burgermeister website - investigating the swine flu pandemic

And to understand the relationship between this and the current financial crisis, as well as insight into who the real Barack Obama is (that is the most dangerous Wolf in sheep's clothing and the most skilled deciever the world has ever seen), you can film "Fall of the Republic" look

To understand how the banking complex is involved in the financial crisis, then a starting point this very well written article on how the investment bank Goldman Sachs, under the supervision of the same people that control the White House, the WHO , UN, EU, news agencies like Reuters and Associated Press, banks such as JP Morgan and Rothschild Bank, the Federal Reserve, the pharmaceutical companies Baxter, Novartis and more of the powerful institutions of the world in everything from politics, the business, medicine, mainstream media, banking, entertainment and so on, knew in advance about the crash of the economy: How Goldman secretly bet on the U.S. housing crash | McClatchy

If you bother the full picture of the situation to see, read a thorough explanation of how the crime syndicate responsible, who called the Illuminati, works by reading the article "Influenza is not the greatest danger - it is the vaccine?" written by David Icke: http://www.davidicke.com/content/view/25191

This is all very confusing, and I understand that. The lies that are told is going on so long hidden and highly refined, that it all threatens to get lost. But we can no longer get lost, we are already way too long shafted.
It is hard to believe but we will never forget how incredibly cynical these people are, how strong their contempt for life and how in-a-bad way they are incredibly brilliant. Now is your task, all journalists, to start telling about all this. Immediately. We will not have one days of propaganda or tolerate screaming silence. The choice is yours. You know the deal.

If you want to work, if you want some pieces of the puzzle, if you want to start investigating the real rulers of the world, if you want the truth to the people, I think you will be able to dig deeper with the help of a collection of key words and links that I've posted below.
The greatest crime against humanity in modern times takes place right before our eyes, and you're silent!?
One wants to keep information away from us. But Love demands that this information is brought forward. Spread the word, spread the word, and take note of this scandal on an unprecedented scale.
The original can be found here: Open Letter to all Corporate Media Journalists - The Truth is Out | word m world - aphorisms, poetry, philosophy & art by mikis mazarakis

Translation provided by the undersigned.

Information that you will remember it.
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