On July 4, 1992, at a UFO convention in Arcadia, CA, Mr. Michael Younger, a member of the super-secret COM-12 group and a scientist who worked at Groom Lake, Area 51 in Nevada, stunned the audience of over 200 people with the following incredible information, which, if true, endangers the lives and freedoms of every American. Here is the amazing scenario of the planned events:

Beginning in August of this year, 1992, a conspiracy long at work behind the scenes of our government, will make its first overt move. These conspirators plan to create a dictatorship in the United States, suspend our Constitution and attempt to confiscate all guns and firearms in American homes.

Stage 1 being to create "race riots" in major U.S. cities such as New York, Chicago, Detroit, etc.; these to begin in August. This will be preceded by a month of subliminal programming via TV and other media to condition the people for civil war in the United States. The accent will be on rap records such as "Body Count" released by Time-Warner [a ROCKEFELLER corporation] by musicians "Ice Tea" and "Sister Solj" whose lyrics in such songs as "Cop Killers" are designed to inflame and polarize its listeners. These rap songs contain such lines as "kill white policemen," "kill the pigs", "kill whitey", and "Why not kill whitey, if he can kill us?" etc.

In August Stage 2, code-named "Operation Hot August Nights" will take effect. Special agents of the conspiracy, masquerading as police, will open fire on minorities, namely Black Americans and Hispanics and Orientals. Other agents will set off incendiary bombs as they did recently in the Los Angeles riots, which essentially was a "test case" that surpassed the expectations of the conspirators. These special agents, masquerading as police, massacre these Blacks and minorities and fire at the real policemen. This brings in more police and the riots escalate. "Skin heads" and other gangs, already fully armed, join in the fray. The real police, vastly outnumbered, cannot handle the rioting. The National Guard is called in and fired upon by [other] special agents masquerading as gang members, who also enlist other gang members to fight the police and national guardsmen.

These riots continue through August, with many minority Americans slaughtered in major cities. (Note: Although this did not come off as planned in August -- possibly because the project had been compromised -- the Globalist plans are still in effect, even if they have experienced temporary postponement or set-back. Also, a growing number of reports of United Nations military equipment being seen passing through U.S. communities on trains, trucks, etc., have been surfacing in recent years. I personally have learned of a few related incidents. I have come across reports of National Guardsmen undergoing specialized house-to-house search and seizure training and urban warfare tactics. I was also told that two men who managed to sneak into a Federal military plane 'graveyard' outside of Phoenix, Arizona had came across several freight train box-cars in which they discovered what they estimated to be from 2 to 3 million brand-new SHACKLES that were apparently being stored there, just waiting to be used!

Keep THIS in mind while reading the following references to potential U.N. involvement in the attempted takeover. Compare this with various implications concerning National AND Communist 'Socialist' control of the U.N. Could the reason why the 'Commies' and 'Nazis' get along together within the U.N. be due to the fact that they are both backed by the Bavarian-Rockefeller alliance? Could it be that the L.A. RIOTS which began on April 29 1992 were a test-run for a plan to incite race riots and a civil race war in the United States? This is suggested by the following quotes from researcher Val Valerian: "During the UFO EXPO West 92 in Los Angeles, which took place a week after the riots in Los Angeles, I chanced to run into some fellow investigators who had observed several ships loaded with electronic antennae off the coast of Los Angeles two days before the riots took place. There are groups in Southern California that regularly conduct frequency analysis of various metropolitan areas, and they reported that the Los Angeles area was HEAVILY DOSED WITH BETA FREQUENCIES shortly before the riots occurred. Beta frequencies can produce anxiety states, and this most certainly exacerbated another scenario, which was a controlled exercise in population manipulation... On April 30th, the Compton Police Dept. revealed that it had arrested six people for arson, and that when questioned about their activities, the youths said they 'were on a mission to burn down 10 buildings an hour'. Their car contained 10 gallons of gasoline for use in these fire-bombing operations. Law enforcement sources also report that many of those arrested during the disturbance had identical cover stories, indicating that there were many such groups under the coordination and control of someone. The Los Angeles riots were in fact intelligence agency operations that were used to invoke the application of military troops; they were an attempt to start nationwide riots that would require the invocation of martial law and FEMA plans. Another indicator that the 'riots' were probably an intelligence operation is that the day before the Rodney King verdicts were released, a mass leaflet was distributed in South Central Los Angeles by a group calling itself the 'Revolutionary Communist Party'.

If you are at all familiar with 'U.S.' intelligence agency practices, it can immediately be seen that RCP is a front for CIA activities. Most 'revolutionary' and 'terrorist' activities are in fact performed by the very intelligence agencies which claim to exist for the prevention of such activities. The leaflet said, 'There's No Justice in the Courtroom -- It's Right to Rebel.' Within days of the incident, Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley [who is also a MEMBER of the Tri-Lateral Commission, folks] used the press-orchestrated clamor for 'police reform' to put TLC counter-insurgency apparatus in place which launched a virtual war on local law enforcement, effectively paralyzing, if not destroying, those functions. TLC member Tom Bradley, as it turns out, appointed fellow TLC member Warren Christopher to form the 'Independent Commission to Investigate the LAPD.' Christopher, whose 'specialty' is riots and urban insurgency, is a partner in the law firm of O'Melveny and Myers. In the early 1960's, he and fellow TLC member Cyrus Vance, then at the Pentagon, drafted 'Operation Garden Plot', a plan for military martial law in American cities in the event of 'domestic civil disorder'. Of course, there is no distinction made of the 'cause' of domestic disorder, if you get my point. Warren Christopher, in fact, was one of the creators of the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration [LEAA], during the Johnson administration, when he was Deputy Attorney General. LEAA was one of the early attempts to implement a top-down federal takeover of local police departments in the U.S. It is apparently a long-standing policy of the Trilateral Commission to foment civil disturbance and unrest, not just in the U.S. but worldwide, in order to foster the imposition of world dictatorship.

Don't stop now -- it gets more interesting. Also appointed to the Christopher Commission by TLC member Tom Bradley, Mayor of Los Angeles, is a man by the name of Mickey Kantor, who just happens to be the national campaign manager for the Democratic Presidential candidate and TLC member William Clinton, who is himself at the heart of the drug-smuggling operation that was detailed on April 21, 1992 on NBC televisions 'A Current Affair'; drugs have been flown in and out of the airport in Mena, Arkansas since the early Reagan days, and according to the television broadcast, both BUSH and CLINTON are aware of it; every time there is an effort to look into it, THE INVESTIGATION GETS STONE-WALLED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Check it out for yourself..." - Branton)

Stage 3: In September, President Bush calls in United Nations troops to quash the riots and restore law and order. American troops had indicated they did not wish to fight against American civilians. Bush executes Executive Orders, already in effect, which now give the UN FORCES complete rights and freedom to enter American homes, to confiscate all devices that are capable of communicating information, which includes video cameras, VCRs, computers, mimeographs, anything that can print, copy machines, etc. These troops are furnished certain lists of names, particularly those known as 'Patriots' and these patriots and their families are rounded up first, and if not executed on the spot, are sent to any of the 13 [major] concentration camps now fully activated in the United States. There is nobody left to tell what really happened. Curious neighbors will be told it was a justified "drug raid." Those who escape to the hills and mountains are hunted down by "search and destroy" troops, specially trained for mountain warfare. During September all borders will be closed down, as well as airports. No one is allowed to leave the United States.

Stage 4: In October an 'official' announcement will be carried live on TV, that extraterrestrial aliens, probably Zeta Reticuli 'Greys' have invaded the Earth, with some actual aliens [revealed] on the show. This is actually a fake invasion. The aliens have BEEN on Earth for many years, [and] made treaties and agreements with our governments; there are millions of them in secret underground complexes such as DULCE, New Mexico, which are responsible for the abduction of American children and citizens and the cattle mutilations documented in books and on TV, such as the recent special 'Intruders'. This announcement will cause the entire world to mobilize under UN supervision to fight the 'invaders'. (Note: ...just as we 'mobilized' under the U.N. to fight the 'Communists' in the pre-planned Korean war, when in fact the pro-Socialist U.N. officials were already in league with the Communists and were betraying our troop movements and plans to the Reds at every turn, according to General Douglas McCarthur. Incidentally the General's comments regarding this betrayal have mysteriously remained out of the 'official' mainstream historical texts. McCarthur, by the way, was an advocate of the belief that the Third World War would involve a space war with aliens in our skies. Could an interplanetary version of this Machievellian scenario be in the works, with the New World Order taking the place of the United Nations, and the 'Alien Grays' taking the place of the 'Communists'? An interesting thing about Michael Younger himself is that others have confirmed the existence of COM-12 and a similar agency called the CABAL. These two NAVY INTELLIGENCE agencies are aware of the presence of the Greys and are OPPOSED to any further dealings with them based on known betrayals of established treaties. COM-12 and the CABAL are involved in an 'Intelligence War' with two fascist agencies connected to the NSA-CIA known as MAJI and AQUARIUS. These two agencies maintain ACTIVE interactions with the 'Grey aliens' and according to some these agencies are actually CONTROLLED by these entities via mind-control implants. Take careful note of the fascist or 'Nazi' origins of both the CIA and NSA as Trojan horse or fifth-column agencies in American Intelligence. COM-12 and the CABAL are working with humanoid ET's who are determined to prevent the reptiloid ET's working through MAJI and AQUARIUS from interfering with the affairs of this planet.

The conflict between these two ET groups has apparently led to planet earth being the center of an ancient dispute between these two galactic superpowers, the humanoid non-interventionists of the Pleiades-Andromeda constellations and the reptiloid interventionists of the Orion-Draconis constellations. COM-12 and the CABAL are determined to maintain American independence under the U.S. Constitution, whereas MAJI and AQUARIUS are determined to betray America to the New World Order. COM-12 and the CABAL are intentionally 'leaking' information damaging to MAJI and AQUARIUS to the public, and it 'may' have been due to their efforts that the L.A. Riots take-over scenario failed to materialize into a National Emergency and a New World Order takeover at THAT time. The New World Order advocates have tried several times in the past and will continue to do so in the future. For some reason they are desperate to bring about the New World Order takeover of the United States of America by the year 2000. That is definitely their goal. If all else fails they may attempt an all-out United Nations invasion of the U.S., using whatever possible means they can to "justify" such a "U.N. Operation." - Branton) During November the chaos continues and more 'UN' troops pour into the United States, mostly mercenaries who have fought in African nations and other 'hot spots' previously. [The butchery of these troops is well documented].

Stage 5: In December a well-planned 'crash' of the stock market will occur, a dramatic drop to at least 1500 on the DJ Industrial Average. This event [is] planned to further weaken, panic and confuse the population.

Stage 6: ...The Constitution of the United States is suspended and the people are now living under martial law in a totally FASCIST state. Who are these conspirators? According to Mike Younger, at the end of World War II, Nelson Rockefeller brought 3000 high Nazi party officials from Germany illegally into the U.S., without permission. As of today it is believed there are now 1.6 million Nazis in the U.S., many high in government and major corporations, such as ATLANTIC RICHFIELD in New Jersey. Incredibly, these Nazi fascists are attempting to set up a "4th Reich" to continue the thousand-year plan of Adolph Hitler, [with its intent] to eventually eliminate "non Aryan" people such as Jews, Blacks and other 'dissidents'. In January, 2000, when the 'real' alien invasion occurs, the planet will be officially turned over to the alien invaders, the Nazi rulers expecting to get 25% of the Earth for themselves. The writers of this document did not originate the above material, but are simply passing this information along to you to do with what you feel is necessary. We have no way of knowing that these things will happen [we hope and pray they do not], but if any of the above should occur, you can rest assured the balance of this evil scenario will follow. Their two main immediate goals are to DISARM American citizens and SUSPEND our Constitution.